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Results Photomarathon 2014. The Winning Entries

I have found a temporary (I hope) work around to the image problem and here, as promised are the winning entries:


Your Entry Number - MARK STONEYour Entry Number – MARK STONE
Parallel - HANNEKE ter VEENParallel – HANNEKE ter VEEN
Full Circle - MYK GARTONFull Circle – MYK GARTON
Black & White - HANNEKE ter VEENBlack & White – HANNEKE ter VEEN
Old School - WENDY O'BRIENOld School – WENDY O’BRIEN (Wendy OBrien)
Drama - HANNEKE ter VEENDrama – HANNEKE ter VEEN
Lost - KEVIN SPIERSLost – KEVIN SPIERSĀ Overall Winner
Super Powers - Julie CoombesSuper Powers – JULIE COOMBS

Reflex Open Competition Results

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Reflex Open Competition Results

The winners and runners up in the 2012/13 season of the Reflex Camera Club Open Competition. Congratulations to you all and a huge thank you to everyone that took part.

Novice Trophy

1st Suzanne King 65 points

2nd Maurice Thompson 39 points

3rd Julia Simone 37 points

Projected Image

1st Richard Price 37 points

2nd Mark OGrady 27 points

3rd Angie Nelson 25 points

Printed Image

1st Suzanne King 44 points

2nd Richard Price 38 points

3rd Angie Nelson 36 points

Photographer of the Year

1st Richard Price 75 points

2nd Suzanne King 65 points

3rd Angie Nelson 61 points

Best Digital Image (Stan Scantlebury Shield)

Alison Davies

Best Printed Image (John Hankin Shield)

Mark OGrady

The following Novices are promoted to the Advanced Section:

Suzanne King, Julia Simone, Wendy OBrien, Dan Ellis, Gary Horne, Maurice Thompson