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Showing Off Again

Showing Off Again

Reflex Camera Club Southmead Hospital Exhibition 2014

Reflex Camera Club Exhibition at Southmead Hospital

No the title isn’t about Myk. It’s the title of our brand new exhibition at Southmead Hospital, Bristol.

On Wednesday myself and Myk drove out to Southmead to deliver the clubs framed prints. We were told to head to the delivery bay which nearly resulted in us paying an impromptu visit to the Maternity Unit but just in time we realised that Delivery Suite means a totally different thing at a Hospital! However we did manage to find the right spot and amazingly even managed to get a parking space right outside. If you’ve been to Southmead Hospital recently you’ll know exactly how difficult that is as their new car park isn’t open yet.

Up they go

Once we had the images inside we unwrapped them and the team from the Hospital laid them out and hung them up on the wall. Below you can see some images we took of them being hung and the finished look. The new location is in the main atrium and is very prominent. Anyone walking through that part of the Hospital has to go right past them. So they should be looked at by Hundreds if not Thousands of people each week.

If you want to go take a look then just head on over and walk in.  Richard Price’s Poppy Image was chosen to star on the leaflets they are printing to advertise the Exhibition and its going to run until sometime in January (we haven’t been given an exact end date yet).

So head on over and take a look at our members wonderful images!



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Southmead Hospital Exhibition – Summer 2013

Our Next Exhibition

The Exhibition will be held at The Hip Space Gallery at Southmead Hospital. (organised by Fresh Arts.)

Fresh Arts is the ongoing arts programme managed by North Bristol NHS Trust.

More info on Fresh Arts can be found on their website

The exhibition will run for 90 days from Friday 31st May 2013 until Wednesday 28th August 2013 ……..and will be open from 9:00am until 8:00pm every day.

The cost for each member will be £12*
This fee will cover the cost of frame, printing, mounting and fittings.

Image Sizes -You have 2 options, you may use the mount which comes with the frame, so 29×39 cm will be your print size (roughly A3) or you may print your own size image, and supply a White mount to fit the frame, which is  40×50 cm.
The Framed Print will remain your property once the exhibition has finished……unless you sell it of course.

Your images will not be insured.

All images can be offered for sale and the gallery will take a 20% commission fee. Please take this into account when selecting a sale price.
All payments will be made within 30 days of the exhibition ending by way of cash or cheque

To fill the Gallery we would need 24 or 48 submissions’

All frames will be exactly the same.
Black Ikea RIBBA frames.
Price £7
Size 40×50 cm – (with an aperature of 29×39 cm)

Your work will need a title, your name and a sale price if being offered for sale.
I would also need a contact telephone number.
You can write this down on a piece of paper

By submitting prints you AGREE to allow digital copies of your images to be used for promotional purposes by Fresh Arts.

The theme is an open one, but please can I remind you that we are exhibiting in a hospital and each one of us will be promoting Reflex Camera Club, so please…..No nudity, blood and guts or anything that might be deemed to be distasteful in a hospital environment.

Also, if you are looking for sales from this exhibition you might want to submit something that would appeal to a broader market.

The cut off date for images will be Thursday 25th April 2013

If you want to take part, can you please forward your names and submission fee to Myk (please note Myk is away for the club meeting on the 4th April, but Kineta Hill will be accepting the fee’s for him at that meeting) as soon as possible. Thanks.

*The cost of £12 will be the same for everyone, even if you print and mount your own image