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Sylvain Guenot

Guest Speaker: Sylvain Guenot

This week we have a Guest Speaker, Sylvain Guenot, who is a portrait photographer that loves to shoot Black & White images. As well as projecting Digital Images up onto our screen he will be bringing his 9 portfolios full of images for everyone to browse through and enjoy. The good news is he won’t just be talking about the image he will be talking about his way of working. So if you remember a few weeks ago Mark & Rich did a talk about their workflow, it pretty much sounds like Sylvain will be talking about his workflow. So it all flows together with something we’ve covered in one of our Tutorial nights.

Unfortunately he has not given us permission to use an image here to promote his talk (he hasn’t actually filled in the confirmation form at all). So that’s about all I can tell you about him other than pointing you towards his website so that you can take a look at his work.

Reflex Open Competition

Thursday 17th is the FINAL entry date for Round 3 of the Reflex Open Competition.

REMEMBER that you also need to supply a digital version of your PRINT entry.