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Southmead Hospital Exhibition – Summer 2013

Our Next Exhibition

The Exhibition will be held at The Hip Space Gallery at Southmead Hospital. (organised by Fresh Arts.)

Fresh Arts is the ongoing arts programme managed by North Bristol NHS Trust.

More info on Fresh Arts can be found on their website

The exhibition will run for 90 days from Friday 31st May 2013 until Wednesday 28th August 2013 ……..and will be open from 9:00am until 8:00pm every day.

The cost for each member will be £12*
This fee will cover the cost of frame, printing, mounting and fittings.

Image Sizes -You have 2 options, you may use the mount which comes with the frame, so 29×39 cm will be your print size (roughly A3) or you may print your own size image, and supply a White mount to fit the frame, which is  40×50 cm.
The Framed Print will remain your property once the exhibition has finished……unless you sell it of course.

Your images will not be insured.

All images can be offered for sale and the gallery will take a 20% commission fee. Please take this into account when selecting a sale price.
All payments will be made within 30 days of the exhibition ending by way of cash or cheque

To fill the Gallery we would need 24 or 48 submissions’

All frames will be exactly the same.
Black Ikea RIBBA frames.
Price £7
Size 40×50 cm – (with an aperature of 29×39 cm)

Your work will need a title, your name and a sale price if being offered for sale.
I would also need a contact telephone number.
You can write this down on a piece of paper

By submitting prints you AGREE to allow digital copies of your images to be used for promotional purposes by Fresh Arts.

The theme is an open one, but please can I remind you that we are exhibiting in a hospital and each one of us will be promoting Reflex Camera Club, so please…..No nudity, blood and guts or anything that might be deemed to be distasteful in a hospital environment.

Also, if you are looking for sales from this exhibition you might want to submit something that would appeal to a broader market.

The cut off date for images will be Thursday 25th April 2013

If you want to take part, can you please forward your names and submission fee to Myk (please note Myk is away for the club meeting on the 4th April, but Kineta Hill will be accepting the fee’s for him at that meeting) as soon as possible. Thanks.

*The cost of £12 will be the same for everyone, even if you print and mount your own image

Photo Marathon

Decision Time!

This Thursday is going to be great! Why? You mean you don’t know! You’ve forgotten about the Photo Marathon!!

A cold Sunday Morning

OK let me take you back a few weeks to a very cold Sunday morning at the Bandstand in Castle Park. Where quite a few club members met up to complete a Photo Marathon. Ian & Julie spent quite a while organising it and we had a good turn out. They set 10 categories for us to create images for and we had to get them in the correct order. So off we set at 10am in the bitter cold to take the picture for the very first subject, our name. We had up until 3pm to capture the 10 images. Seems like a long time but when your wandering around scrabbling for idea’s the time flies by.

Pick the winners from the Photo Marathon

But I digress, I’m supposed to be telling you why you should come along to this weeks meeting. Well that’s simple. All of the images from the Photo Marathon have been printed & mounted onto large sheets of card. They will be put out around the meeting room and you will have the opportunity to walk around looking at them and choosing your top 3 images from each category. The totals will be added up and winners announced.

So make sure you come along as its going to be a good night. Oh I nearly forgot. There will be prizes for the winners. But I do have to warn you that Ian chose them!

Creative Round Results

[scrollGallery id=10 start=5 autoScroll=true thumbsdown=true useCaptions=true]

Sorry its taken me so long to get the results posted, its been a combination of problems with the server and illness.  I also have to apologise to David Morgan as I can’t find what I’ve done with the digital version of his print (I know I had it, I checked, but I can’t find it anywhere). So David if you want to email me another copy I’ll add it to the slide show.

Novice winners of the Reflex Open Competition DPI Creative Round

1st FLX vs Joker by Kineta Hill

2nd Multiplicity by Gary Horne

3rd “Closing in on the Pawn” by Suzanne King

Highly Commended “Snowy Smile” by Wendy O’Brien

Novice Print Winners of the Reflex Open Competition Creative Round

1st “Oops I missed a bit” by Maurice Thompson

2nd “Bolt close up” by David Morgan

3rd “Neon Light Flowers” by Suzanne King

Advanced Print Winners of the Reflex Open Competition Creative Round

1st “Sunken” by Richard Price

2nd “Tranquillity” by Alison Davies

3rd “To Fly Away” by Angi Nelson

3rd “Jetty” by Richard Price

Highly Commended “Sgt Pepper” by Ian Coombs

Highly Commended “Tribal” by Angi Nelson

Commended “Envy” by Julie Coombs

Winners DPI section of the Reflex Open Competition, Creative Round

1st “The Rush” by Mark O’Grady

2nd “Suppertime” by Angie Nelson

3rd “Partial Light Orb” by Richard Price

Highly Commended “Event Horizon” by Mark O’Grady

Highly Commended “Flower Faerie” by Alison Davies

Creative Competition

a photograph entitled Gravy Train by Mark O'Grady used as a joke for the Creative Round of the Reflex Open Competition

Gravy Train by Mark O’Grady

Creative Round of the Reflex Open Competition

Thursday is the results of the first ever Creative Round of the Reflex Open Competition. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and I’ve made every effort possible to not see the entries when I collated them for the Judge. So it’s going to be as much of a surprise to me as the rest of you when they are shown at the meeting. Our Judge, Steve Cox, is going to judge them on the night, he won’t have seen any of the images before they are displayed in front of everyone. I really think it’s going to be a superb showcase of everyone’s work.

Good Effort

Now I bet your all wondering just why I’ve put that image up there. We’ll I just couldn’t help noticing the wonderful effort Mark O’Grady has made with his creative entry. It was so good that I just had to show it to everyone. Don’t forget to give him a pat on the back & a cheer when he walks into the Hall on Thursday.

Reflex Open Competition Round 3 Results

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Round 3 Advanced Print Competition Winners;

1st  “Patriotic” by Angi Nelson

2nd “Icy Maple Leaf” by Roger Gowan

3rd “Forever Autumn” by Mark O’Grady

Highly Commended “Cruise Cancelled” by Geoff Morgan

Highly Commended “Gentle Gaze” by Roger Gowan

Commended “Lacking Table Manners” by Alison Davies

Commended “Breathe” by Angi Nelson

Novice Round 3 Print Competition Winners;

1st “Chrysanthemum” by Suzanne King

2nd “Droplet Flower” by Wendy O’Brien

3rd “England Expects” by John Pike

Highly Commended “88 Wood Street” by Dan Ellis

Highly Commended “Lucky and Luke” by Julia Simone

Commended “My Back Garden” by Maurice Thompson

Commended “Rose Bubbles” by Wendy O’Brien

Round 3 Advanced Digital Projected Image Competition Winners;

1st “Reflex” by Mark O’Grady

2nd “Crane Fly” by Richard Price

3rd “Highly Sprung” by Eddie House

Highly Commended “Ringed Plover” by Richard Johnson

Highly Commended “The Laughing Frog” by Angi Nelson

Commended “Timeless” by Paul Green

Commended “Panic Attack” by Paul Green

Round 3 Novice Digital Projected Image Competition Winners;

1st “Magic Mushrooms” by Geoff Morgan

2nd “Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Thistle” by Suzanne King

3rd “Dramatic Skies” by Gary Horne

Highly Commended “Death” by John Durston

Highly Commended “Reflection” by Gary Horne

Commended “Bristol Bridge” by John Morgan

Commended “Bridge Reflections” by Pauline Ewins

Practical Night – Editing Your Images

Practical Night

After last weeks very successful night of editing and with you all now, hopefully, thinking of different ways to edit your own images we are going to continue with a Practical Night where you get to edit your own images with the help of other club members if you want it. So what we would like you to do is to bring your laptops and make sure you have some images on them that you would like help with the editing. If you don’t own a laptop or can’t bring it with you for some reason, don’t worry, there will be at least 1 spare laptop for people to use and I’m sure that at least some of the people who do bring laptops won’t mind you having a go at editing the images on them. Also if you don’t have a laptop you can still bring your own images in on a memory stick. The volunteer editors from last week will be available for advice or help if you want it. Or you can just give it a go yourself.

Creative Round of the Reflex Open Competition

This Thursday, 31st January, is the final entry date for the Creative Round of the ROC. Please ensure that if you are entering PRINTS you also hand in a digital copy of the print.

Ready, Steady, Edit

A photograph of a yacht sailing into fog entitled into the unknown by mark stone photographer used on the Reflex Camera Club Website to illustrate the Ready, steady, edit meeting

Into the unknown by Mark Stone

This Thursday we are trying something we’ve never done before. But we need you to help out! We need you to Dropbox or eMail images into the club that you would like someone to edit for you. You can send in JPG’s or raw files it doesn’t matter which.

The aim of the meeting is to try and show you various ways an image can be edited.

A raw unprocessed version of Into the unknown by Mark Stone used on the Reflex Camera Club website to illustrate the ready, steady, edit, meeting

Raw unprocessed image

we are going to do that is by using your own images and having someone else edit them! You may not be sure or may have already decided on the best look for one of your photographs. But what will another club member think of it? Will they edit it in a totally different way. Maybe you never even considered that it could be turned monochrome. Maybe you didn’t think a grunge look would suit it. Well hopefully our group of volunteer editors will give you some ideas for you to try out when you next edit your photographs.

Quite a few of you may recognise the two images on this Blog post. They are from exactly the same raw file! The vertical portrait one is a jpg copy (A raw file was just too big to put onto this website) of the original raw file. The larger image at the top of this post is the finished image. Now would you have deleted the original from the back of your camera when you looked after taking it? Or would you have waited until you got home and seen if anything could be rescued from it on the computer? We’re trying to make you think that there may be more to your pictures than you are currently seeing, that there may be more to them than you think. Don’t just discard an image you think isn’t good as soon as you see it on the camera screen. Take it home and look at it. You may just get something you like.