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Changes to the Meetings

A bit of a change

For various reasons we’ve had to make a few changes to some of the upcoming meetings. These changes are now shown on the Meetings page of the website and I’ve put them here for those of you that find clicking on a link exhausting.


20 Feb

Published Works – Four members show and talk about images they’ve had published or sold

27 Feb

Guest Speaker – Ian Wade

13 Mar

Trick Photography –  Practical Bring your Cameras, Tripods, Flashguns etc.

27 Mar

Trick Photography –  Editing Bring your Laptops etc.

Chair’s Evening. 30th January 2014.

Chair’s evening was very successful, in that there were enough chairs to go around and the photography was interesting, varied and showed that even two people taking the same shot at the same time don’t get the same photograph.

The head count was approximately the same at the end of the evening as it was at the beginning, (Maurice insisted Steve take a headcount) which is always a good sign, even if only of strong security. Split into two the evening evolved mainly around images that were taken 8,000 miles and 15 years apart. Maurice’s opening took in his membership of the Air Training Corps (since 1963) and a trip with cadets to the Falklands in 1998 (and other locations), with bits of RAF Fairford and international cadet exchanges as variation interspersed with images of places not to be found in Venice. And some skiing. The post break slot was taken by Kevin Spiers’ and Richard Price’s long planned Iceland trip taken last October which produced some stunning shots.

The chair opened with the observation that Venice had previously been done, which had been his intention and thus we were treated to such delights among the main fare of such as: the Piazza de San Cabot Circus, several images of the Feeder and the Sharpness Canal;  the Pero’s Bridge after Mark S got at it with a hacksaw and minus its horns (I never realised how much those Horns masked its resemblance to the Bridge of Sighs, so well spotted Mark); Cardiff from San Giorgio Maggiore and Chiesa di San Francesco della Swansea Bay. Couldn’t help but be struck by their resemblance to the current views of the Somerset Levels. I understand UKIP are to field a candidate in that part of Somerset in the next General Election to campaign against the feared swamping of Mucheleny by benefit hungry Italian Gondoliers (as highlighted in a nine page spread in Tuesday’s Daily Mail). This could provide us with some photo-opportunities as it is cheaper to get to Mucheleny from Bristol than it is to get to Venice. Cornetto anyone?

The Falklands were/are still riddled with ordinance and some of the detritus of battle formed part of the subject of several of the images provided by Maurice, including the sanger from which Colonel H. Jones VC OBE was shot and killed. Although these places were the backdrop to the visit they were not the purpose and they certainly lived up to motto of the ATC (Venture Adventure). The Corps is as much about citizenship as venturing and adventuring and there were images of community and respect to balance this out. There were also behind the scenes shots from Fairford.  There is something about a photograph being a moment in time and Maurice was able to fill in some of the details of some of the cadets since. Every photograph tells a story, but the story doesn’t end at the click of the shutter.

The old saw that to fail to plan is to plan to fail cannot be applied to Kev and Rich’s expedition to Iceland (no Supermarket jokes, please). If it weren’t for the fact that they might dismiss it because the letters aren’t alphabetically organised one might be lead to suspect a touch of OCD.  That said, on the evidence, there is very definitely a need to plan if you have a must see list. Getting ten miles from your hotel they reported as an expedition stuffed with the temptations of some other stunning detail. This is the landscape that NASA used to train Astronauts in driving the Luna Rover, and where two continents meet and crammed with photo-opportunities. So being selective is based on knowing what comes next and, as they both pointed out, a little discipline.  And how that planning paid off. The land of ice and steaming hot geysers, the northern lights, black sand, ice sheets and volcanoes was beautifully framed and presented. I can fully see why they want to return, though not, apparently by taxi at £80 for 30 miles.

So our thanks to Maurice, Kev and Rich for an evening that was amusing, informative and entertaining and also to Mark for doing the background technicals. Next week is the open competition round three and based on earlier rounds I think we have a treat in store.

Ian G.


“The Photographic Angle’s free photography exhibition which will be taking place at Castlemead in Bristol from Saturday 15th  to Wednesday 19th February.

A Beautiful World features the work of 19 photographers who have been moved by our beautiful world enough to document it in all its glory.

Entry is free and the exhibition will be open daily from 10am to 3pm.

Please visit our website for more details”


And also PLEASE remember the Flikr competition.

Website & Blog Posts

Website & Blog Posts

You may have noticed that a few weeks ago the website went down for a while. When it reappeared it had a few problems which have now mainly been resolved but one still remains and will take a while to fix. That one problem is that all the old Blog posts that used to have images associated with them (Reflex Open Competition results & other competitions) no longer have those images available.


Well unfortunately the site decided to go into meltdown and the back up solution I had in place seems to have a small but significant flaw in the way it worked. It backed up the site all the posts and all the images to the clubs Dropbox folder. Unfortunately it did not save which images were associated with each post nor did it save the contents of slide shows that were embedded into certain posts. Now it would seem a simple thing to put the photo’s back into each post & slide show. Well the site currently has over 800 images and I have to manually go through each post and find each image that should be in that post. It’s going to take a while and to be honest isn’t high on the priority list at the moment. Finding a properly working back up solution that doesn’t cost anything, or has a very low cost, and is easy to deploy is the first order of business.


Now for some good news. We have a new “Editor” for the Blog, Ian Gearing has volunteered to help run the Blog and you should start to see posts from him very soon. We would still love to hear from any club members that would like to write articles or features for the Blog regularly. So if you’d like to become an Author for the Club’s Blog get in touch. It’s easy and all you really need to remember is that its a place to post info on club activities or information that the club’s members would be interested in and not somewhere to advertise your own or your friends business.

2014 Programme

2014 Programme

Our 2014 programme is now finally up on the website. I’ve also posted it here so you can just scroll down & take a look:

9th January 2014


Guest Speaker


Ed Collacott (visit his website)



19th January 2014




Members bring TEN (YES JUST TEN!) images in and say a few words about each. This is always a popular night because it’s great to see what other club members have been doing.


Last entry date for Round 3 of the ROC



23rd January 2014


Battle with Bristol Photographic Society


Make your club proud and come to this home battle where our pictures will be pitted against BPS’s. May the best images win.



30th January 2014


Chair’s Evening


What does Maurice have in store for us as his first Chair’s Evening? Let yourself be surprised. You won’t be disappointed.



6th February 2014


Results of Round 3 of the ROC.


Come see who the judge bestows the honours on this time.



13th February




Editing Step by Step. Please bring your laptop if you have one.


Last entry date for the Creative Round of the ROC



20th February 2014


Tutorial  – Trick Photography


How to get those magical shots



27th February 2014




Trick Photography


Bring your camera’s and get stuck in to practice what you learnt last week!



SUNDAY 2nd March 2014


Photo Marathon


Sunday? YES Sunday, no I haven’t gone mad. We are having a repeat of last years Photo marathon, which was an absolute superb event that everyone who took part enjoyed. Even though Steve spilled my beer in the pub afterwards! Time, location and all relevant details will be announced nearer the date.



6th March 2014


Competition Results


The results of the Creative Round of the Reflex Open Competition. Just how creative we’re you? Did you resort to Photoshop or did you get creative with a photo shoot?



13th March 2014




Bring the pictures you took on the Practical night and magic them into the end result! Don’t worry if you didn’t attend the practical night, we’ve got something for you too! Bring your laptops if you have one.


Last entry date for Entries to Round 4 of the Reflex Open Competition



20th March 2014


Competition Results


The results of the Photo marathon. Come along. look at the pictures and vote on your favourites. Maybe this year some people will feel confident enough to vote on other peoples images instead of their own! 😉



27th March


Guest Speaker


Ian Wade (Visit his website)



3rd April 2014




Results of the 4th Round of the Reflex Open Competition



10th April 2014


Western Counties Photographic Federation Travelling Print Critique


A show of prints that were submitted to the Annual Exhibition of the WCPF.



17th April 2014




How to photograph the big day



24th April 2014


Guest Speaker


Joseph Yarrow (visit his website)


Last date of entry for the Stan Scantlebury & John Hankin Shields



1st May 2014




Reflex is your club so come along and have a say in how it’s run.



8th May 2014




Details to be confirmed



15th May 2014


John Hankin & Stan Scantlebury Shield Competition Results



22nd May 2014


Guest Speaker


Clair Huckle  (visit her website)



29th May 2014




Get intimate with your camera and discover its inner workings (sorry Hanneke wrote that bit). Please bring your camera & it’s manual



5th June 2014




Thinking outside the box. Please bring your camera



12th June 2014


Social Evening & Prize Giving Ceremony


Mark the beginning of summer with a fun evening where you’ll also hear who came top in the various Categories of the Reflex Open Competition.



19th June 2014


Plan your Photo Expedition


How to plan your Landscape and Astronomy pictures. In preparation of a club weekend away to Exmoor ( trip TBC)



26th June 2014


Summer Pub Night


A walk in an area of photographic interest with a pub visit to boot. Or you can just skip straight to the pub. Pub location TBC.

Club Battle

On Tuesday the 10th December we are off to visit Bleadon Camera Club to take part in a Club Battle against Bleadon, Clevedon and Backwell Camera Clubs! A club battle is quite simple really instead of hitting each other over the heads with tripods we get an impartial judge in to look at images and they choose the winners. At the end the club with the most points wins. Of course the judge has to make a speedy exit out the back door to their getaway car to avoid the losing clubs. But most of them seem to be able to manage the quick sprint out to the car park pretty well and I’ve not heard of one getting caught yet!

There are 3 categories for this battle and they are, Colour Prints, Monochrome Prints and Digital Projected Images. All in all it should be a great night and I’m h0ping to post some pictures from the night on this blog soon after the event.

ROC R1 Results

ROC Round 1 Results

Here are the winning entries for Round 1 of the ROC (Reflex Open Competition). There were some fantastic images entered and the standard was amazing, as usual.  We’re trying out a new way of posting the images so please let me know what you think. To see them full size you just need to click on one and it will open larger. Then to show them as a slideshow simply click on the little triangle in the bottom left corner of the border that is around the image.

Results (names in red link to one of that persons websites) :


Digital Projected Novice

1st    Misty morning by Pauline Ewins
2nd   I ain’t afraid of no dog by Barrie Brown
3rd    Yellow Flowers  by  Rona Green


Novice Print

(at time of posting this stands. Although it may be altered later)

1st Proud to be Russian by Eddie Deponeo
2nd Young and Old by Eddie Deponeo


Digital Projected Image (advanced)

1st      Forest Girl by Angie Wallace
2nd      Hidden in your Shell  by  Mark OGrady
3rd      Time to Give up by Geoff Morgan
HC       Loch Carron by Steve Hallam
HC      Happy Meal by Alison Davies
HC      Masquerade by Ian Coombs


Prints (Advanced) Section

1st   Unearthed Beauty by Mark OGrady
2nd  Looking into you by Mark OGrady
3rd   Forlorn by Alison Davies
HC   The Old Fart by Julie Coombs
HC    Sunset Tide by Ian Coombs


Thanks to everyone that took part and I’m looking forward to seeing your entries for Round 2.

Ephemeral Ghosts

Ephemeral Ghosts: A talk by Ian Coombs

This Thursday we proudly present our very own Ian Coombs with what promises to be a superb evening of rare mostly unseen images of unknown people from 1850 to 1950 from his collection of vintage photographs.

You may have to exercise your brains as he’s going to be asking you to join in with a guess the date of the image competition.
He’s also going to talk about the introduction of cinematography with some of his collection of old cameras (don’t touch) and an introduction into the world of Aerial Photography with original images, some from World War 1,  including his Spitfire gun camera.
There’s also his crazy theory on the development of aircraft and photography and of course the AV to finish.
Ian’s going to be enjoying himself so why not come along and enjoy the fun.