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Results Photomarathon 2014. The Winning Entries

I have found a temporary (I hope) work around to the image problem and here, as promised are the winning entries:


Your Entry Number - MARK STONEYour Entry Number – MARK STONE
Parallel - HANNEKE ter VEENParallel – HANNEKE ter VEEN
Full Circle - MYK GARTONFull Circle – MYK GARTON
Black & White - HANNEKE ter VEENBlack & White – HANNEKE ter VEEN
Old School - WENDY O'BRIENOld School – WENDY O’BRIEN (Wendy OBrien)
Drama - HANNEKE ter VEENDrama – HANNEKE ter VEEN
Lost - KEVIN SPIERSLost – KEVIN SPIERSĀ Overall Winner
Super Powers - Julie CoombesSuper Powers – JULIE COOMBS

Tutorial on Low Light, Long Exposure, Cityscapes & Architecture

Reflections by Mark Stone

Reflections by Mark Stone

Tutorial on Low Light, Long Exposure, Cityscapes & Architecture

This Thursday Richard Price & Mark Stone are going to give you a tutorial on Long Exposures, Low Light, Cityscapes & Architecture Photography. They’ll be talking you through the equipment that you’ll need and showing examples of their work. You’ll be able to ask questions and learn how they construct their images from setting up the shot, composition and how they take the Photograph so that it fits in with how they want to process it. You’ll probably be surprised by the look of the pictures when they come out of the camera but they are purposely taken to have the most data within the image file to make processing them easier. They’ll explain why it’s just as, if not more, important to consider what is going to be done to the image after it’s been taken than when you’re about to press the shutter button.

Confused? Don’t worry all will be revealed.