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15 May 2014 Hankin & Scantlebury Shields

The competition season reached the trophy round last meeting with the awarding of the John Hankin (print) and the Stan Scantlebury (projected image) Shields. It was an interesting evening with the chance of looking back at some of the more favoured images over the season and see them in light of a fresh competition and a fresh judge, John Bjergfelt and our thanks to him. Rules for this round are as per the open competition but with the exception that this is restricted to entries that have already been submitted for the open and no points are awarded. All images are accompanied by a short summary of the judge’s comments in the catalogue only, see the link below.



1st – Skater Boyz – Eddie House –  John Hankin Shield for the Printed Image 06_Skater_Boyz[1]


2nd – The rat catcher – Ian Coombs



3rd – New dog old trick – Ian Coombs


Highly Commended List

Proud to be Russian – Eddie Deponeo


and Lady of the lake – Mark O’Grady.



Commended List

A road well travelled – Julie Coombs,



Unearthed beauty – Mark O’Grady


and Tintern sunrise – Eddie House.



Digital 1st –

Knock out punch – Eddie Deponeo  –  Stan Scantlebury Shield for the Projected Image 06_knock_out_punch[1]


2nd – Must get ball must get ball! – Eddie House



3rd – Sailing – Roy Williams




Highly Commended List –

Plitvice Waterfall – Annamarie Miles,




Happy Meal – Alison Davies,


Ivy Leaf – Wendy Goodchild


and Against the night – Mark Stone.



Commended List –


Bathtime – Pauline Ewins,


Desolate Industry – Mark Stone,


Masquerade – Ian Coombs,


Summer Bloom – Pauline Ewins,


Simple Crocus – Debbie Griffin,


Hidden in your shell – Mark O’Grady


and Fairy wand – Alison Davies.



The Full Catalogue with summaries of the Judges remarks (at least as fast as my thumbs would type on my phone) is available here:

140515 John Hankin and Stan Scantlebury Shields

A very big thank you to everyone who made this happen, an enjoyable evening and a chance to get another judges comments on work we have already seen judged.




Other news:


–  that the Flickr competition this month is about Food & Drink.

–  that Rich Price is running a trip to Exmoor to photograph the Milky Way. Details re on the club Flickr site, dates are . Looking forward to that one (all weather dependent of course).



The new Brunel wing is now open and we will have a chance to exhibit. Details to follow.


THURSDAY 22nd May is European/Local elections: NO Meeting at the School this week due to it being used as a polling station. Instead meet at the Dovecote pub next to Ashton Court @ 19:30.









Website Slideshow

You may have noticed lately that the slideshow that was on the front page of the website is no more. It’s been driving me crazy and throwing up problems for a while now and I finally had enough of trying to sort it out. So I have come up with a simple solution!

Now you have the chance!

The solution is really quite simple. The site can generate a simple Slideshow itself instead of relying on plug ins that cause problems. So all I need is the images to create that slideshow. That’s where  you come in! Rather than me picking an image to go into it I want YOU to go through your photographs and pick out 1 image that says this is my style, this is an image I’m proud of. Pick one that screams out how you want to be seen as a photographer. Be it a landscape, portrait or still life. Grab it and email it into me at the usual club address.

The boring bit

If you would like to be a part of this then you need to pick 1 of your images (yes just 1 for now) and either email (Please put “Slideshow” as the subject of the email) or Dropbox it to me. There are a couple of conditions for this though.

  • I will have the final decision as to the suitability of an image. No discussion will be entered into. If I think it’s not suitable I won’t use it.
  • They have to be Family Friendly. Artistic or implied nudity may be considered but it will depend on the image.
  • No offensive content. Use your common sense I know most of you have some.
  • The image has to be “Landscape” format and 800 pixels wide with a maximum height of 600 pixels.
  • Please don’t fill empty space around the image with black. If you really must try to get around the size restrictions please use white as the fill colour.
  • Send them as JPG’s Medium quality (or about 55% on the slider when you save them)
  • Maximum Filesize should be no more than 1MB. This is a restriction on our website and all the images on our website are less than that size.

You can have your name or website on the print if you want but I WILL be having a title & your name show up when your picture appears so please save the images with a file name in the same way as you would save them for our competitions. If you don’t supply me with a title for the image it will be shown on the site as “untitled” followed by your name.

It may be possible to have your image link to either your website or your Flickr/Facebook pages (This part isn’t guaranteed and depends on how easy it is to implement as part of the slideshow). So if you want that and I can get it working you will also need to have supplied me with a link.

Ready, Steady, Edit

A photograph of a yacht sailing into fog entitled into the unknown by mark stone photographer used on the Reflex Camera Club Website to illustrate the Ready, steady, edit meeting

Into the unknown by Mark Stone

This Thursday we are trying something we’ve never done before. But we need you to help out! We need you to Dropbox or eMail images into the club that you would like someone to edit for you. You can send in JPG’s or raw files it doesn’t matter which.

The aim of the meeting is to try and show you various ways an image can be edited.

A raw unprocessed version of Into the unknown by Mark Stone used on the Reflex Camera Club website to illustrate the ready, steady, edit, meeting

Raw unprocessed image

we are going to do that is by using your own images and having someone else edit them! You may not be sure or may have already decided on the best look for one of your photographs. But what will another club member think of it? Will they edit it in a totally different way. Maybe you never even considered that it could be turned monochrome. Maybe you didn’t think a grunge look would suit it. Well hopefully our group of volunteer editors will give you some ideas for you to try out when you next edit your photographs.

Quite a few of you may recognise the two images on this Blog post. They are from exactly the same raw file! The vertical portrait one is a jpg copy (A raw file was just too big to put onto this website) of the original raw file. The larger image at the top of this post is the finished image. Now would you have deleted the original from the back of your camera when you looked after taking it? Or would you have waited until you got home and seen if anything could be rescued from it on the computer? We’re trying to make you think that there may be more to your pictures than you are currently seeing, that there may be more to them than you think. Don’t just discard an image you think isn’t good as soon as you see it on the camera screen. Take it home and look at it. You may just get something you like.

Our Exhibition Starts Today

A photograph of one wall of the Reflex Camera Club Exhibition at the Create Centre taken by Michelle Dixon with a Fisheye lens

Exhibition Fisheye by Michelle Dixon

We’re making History!

Today Reflex Camera Club’s first ever exhibition opens to the public! I bet the majority of the members that submitted images never thought that they would see their own work hung on a wall for everyone to see.

Re:Create exhibition poster by Myk Garton for Reflex Camera Club

Re:Create exhibition poster


The theme of the exhibition is Recycle:Reuse:ReCreate simply because that is what the Create Centre is all about. It proved to be a difficult subject to take a photograph of for quite a few people but, I’m pleased to say,  most of those who said they would take part managed to submit an image.If you would like to go and see it the Create Centre (map) is located at

Smeaton Road
Spike Island

The exhibition features images from 28 of the clubs members and runs from October 15th up until 21st December. The Create Centre is open weekdays from 08:30 to 17:00

There are comment books so you can write in to leave your thoughts on the exhibition for us to read after it’s all over.