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10th December 2015 – On Skies & ROC Round Two

Skies, can’t live with them, can’t live without them, indicates some of the difficulty that the greatest source of light on the planet can present to photographers and may explain why some retreat on a more or less permanent basis to a studio where these things can be controlled. That, however is not the fate of the landscaper, the wedding photographer, the took-the-camera-on-holiday snapper, well, anyone who takes a photograph of, or in, the great outdoors. Pretty much everyone, then.


Dynamic range is the problem, luminance, the ability of a sensor to reproduce the extremes of blacks and whites in a photograph and everything in between. The human eye/brain combo has a dynamic range of 10-14 f-stops, about 1/1,000,000,000 times the faintest light to that of the of our local star in the middle of a bright and sunny day. DXO give the highest dynamic range of any commercially available DSLR at 14.8 stops. So how can that be a problem? Most modern DSLR’s and CSC’s appear to be within that 10-14 stop range so can emulate the human brain. Yes and no. The question is where the average that you are metering for lies in that range. Your camera does not possess the same dynamic processing capabilities as your brain which constantly adjusts to available light levels (and has been several million years in the development in doing so). What we see in an image is the capture of a moment. It is fixed. The exif data tells you that. What we see with our eyes is dynamically adjusted to what we “know” and changes constantly. In our brains the “shutter” is always rolling, not fixed.


That expectation can be shown in an image with a high dynamic range (that’s a clue) but necessarily arranged around the average the light meter has constructed or the camera instructed by the photographer. Those f-stops in the range have captured the information, we just need to rebalance the image to our expectations. That was the subject of our last meeting and Gerry Painter, Mark O’Grady and Nick Hale gave us some valuable leads on how, with some contributions from the floor, using both Adobe (Elements, Lightroom and Photoshop) and Smart Photo Editor how we can use that inbuilt dynamic range to our own advantage; and yes the same applies to JPEG and to RAW, just not in equal measure.


Broadly the latitude in a JPEG is plus or minus 2 stops over the “correctly” exposed average. With RAW that moves to approximately +/-3 stops. What the sensor can see, approximately, and what the eye can see, is not the same as the sensor records in straight numbers. There are a number of solutions that are available including HDR either from a single or multiple frames plus the various trips that we were shown using the tools available in the photo editing suites and we mentioned above. A single HDR image taken pushed to reveal the highlights and so then back to the original and push to the shadows then combine the three to cover a greater range is one way but if the range needs to be extended further then three separate shots can be used. To get the best out of this will usually require dedicated software such as Luminance HDR, which is free, or Photomatics or any number of similarly capable software, to blend the images into one.

There are, of course, other factors to consider, especially if you are blending two images, especially the quality/temperature of the light needing to match to make things convincing. That is convincing, not accurate – see the discussions of this over the last two posts. This was shown to be relatively straightforward, what doesn’t match between two images really stands out rather clearly and it is down to being a little critical of the outcome. Does this look as if it is one image, or does it look like more than one image crammed together. The hit and hopes do tend to stand out. As ever it is a matter of personal taste. It’s your photograph, what are you happy with?


Which brings us to round 2 of the ROC. Paul McCloskey was our judge and thanks to him for his insights and reflections on the night. The number of images commended was the highest to date and reflects not just a growth in quality but also one in diversity. The club moves from strength to strength. There was some conversation about what Paul saw and what some in the audience saw differently, as ever when we compare and contrast each other’s work, but that is both a good and necessary thing. The story we think we are sending out won’t always be the story that other’s think we are telling, and that can open us to other opportunities.


Results are as follows, those marked No Image Available mean exactly that. There was no image in the cloud folder for them.


Digital Print Images


Highly Commended

Beauty and the Beast

Mark O’Grady

No Image Available


The Vessel

Simon Caplan


The Beast

Mark O’Grady

No Image Available



Garage Sale

Rob Heslop

No Image Available







Chris Harvey



Centre of Attention

Chris Harvey

Print_The Centre Of Attention_307N


The Big Bang Theory

Ian Coombs

Print_ The Big Bang Theory_233

Digital Images

Highly Commended

Who Needs a Parrot?

Debbi Griffin

01-Who needs a parrot-220


Eddie House

01_Flintlock Pistol_233


Top Note

Ian Coombs

Top Note

Butterfly With No Name

Julia Simone

01_butterfly with no name_242



It’s a Bird

Pauline Ewins

Is it a bird

Brecon Beacons – Falls

Steve Hallam



Sorry I’m Late

Julie Kaye

02_sorry I'm late_295n

The Greek Goddess Ariadne

Jo Gilbert

02_The Greek Goddess Ariadne _299


Julia Simone




3rd Vetran

Julie Coombs



Coming Through

Martin Ethrington

2nd_Coming Through


Past Times

Gary Butler



Congratulations everybody, a fine showing.


17 December Meeting SCHOOL IS CLOSED. REPAIR TO THE UPSTAIRS OF THE LANGTON COURT ON LANGTON COURT ROAD. Bring something festive to eat and lots and lots of prints of any size – it will be fun.



Next meeting at the School: January 7th 2016 – Chairman Maurice has the floor. Read up on your Little Red Books …


15 May 2014 Hankin & Scantlebury Shields

The competition season reached the trophy round last meeting with the awarding of the John Hankin (print) and the Stan Scantlebury (projected image) Shields. It was an interesting evening with the chance of looking back at some of the more favoured images over the season and see them in light of a fresh competition and a fresh judge, John Bjergfelt and our thanks to him. Rules for this round are as per the open competition but with the exception that this is restricted to entries that have already been submitted for the open and no points are awarded. All images are accompanied by a short summary of the judge’s comments in the catalogue only, see the link below.



1st – Skater Boyz – Eddie House –  John Hankin Shield for the Printed Image 06_Skater_Boyz[1]


2nd – The rat catcher – Ian Coombs



3rd – New dog old trick – Ian Coombs


Highly Commended List

Proud to be Russian – Eddie Deponeo


and Lady of the lake – Mark O’Grady.



Commended List

A road well travelled – Julie Coombs,



Unearthed beauty – Mark O’Grady


and Tintern sunrise – Eddie House.



Digital 1st –

Knock out punch – Eddie Deponeo  –  Stan Scantlebury Shield for the Projected Image 06_knock_out_punch[1]


2nd – Must get ball must get ball! – Eddie House



3rd – Sailing – Roy Williams




Highly Commended List –

Plitvice Waterfall – Annamarie Miles,




Happy Meal – Alison Davies,


Ivy Leaf – Wendy Goodchild


and Against the night – Mark Stone.



Commended List –


Bathtime – Pauline Ewins,


Desolate Industry – Mark Stone,


Masquerade – Ian Coombs,


Summer Bloom – Pauline Ewins,


Simple Crocus – Debbie Griffin,


Hidden in your shell – Mark O’Grady


and Fairy wand – Alison Davies.



The Full Catalogue with summaries of the Judges remarks (at least as fast as my thumbs would type on my phone) is available here:

140515 John Hankin and Stan Scantlebury Shields

A very big thank you to everyone who made this happen, an enjoyable evening and a chance to get another judges comments on work we have already seen judged.




Other news:


–  that the Flickr competition this month is about Food & Drink.

–  that Rich Price is running a trip to Exmoor to photograph the Milky Way. Details re on the club Flickr site, dates are . Looking forward to that one (all weather dependent of course).



The new Brunel wing is now open and we will have a chance to exhibit. Details to follow.


THURSDAY 22nd May is European/Local elections: NO Meeting at the School this week due to it being used as a polling station. Instead meet at the Dovecote pub next to Ashton Court @ 19:30.









3rd April 2014 – ROC Round 4 – Competition Results

The first meeting of 2014 to start in the daylight, OK twilight. Competition night, round 4 of the Open. Would we have a judge this time??? Peter Weaver did not disappoint and as ever made the evening even more enjoyable. A big club thanks to him and of course to everyone who made this evening possible. But on with the competition. The number of entrants was quite low again, 14 Novice and 18 Advanced projected images 2 novice and 8 advanced prints. The ground between novice and advanced was declared, again, to be very close and I know the committee are taking on the comments from the judges. As ever everyone else’s images looked better than mine but then other’s have said the same thing to me about their own entries. The difference is the judges keep agreeing with me, not them! I think the photo marathon brought out the best in the club, maybe not technically – you make a different image when you have more control –  but certainly creatively. Take this to the next step, it is only logical and it is only a small thing,  and enter the club competitions to get feedback. “Feedback is the food of champions”, according to Ken Blanchard. Here to get better? Enter the competitions! Put the feedback (suggestions) into your next photo session. Simples! to quote a certain Meerkat.


The lights dimmed and up came the first of the Novice images …….  Actually you might want this running in the background whilst you view (for those of us of a certain age) .

the full catalogue you can get from this link 140403 Round 4 but the winners by category were:

1st Ivy Leaf – Wendy Goodchild
07_Ivy leaf
2nd Destitute Chair – Megan Gearing
12_the destitute chair
3rd Shadows – John Pike
HC – Who you lookin’ at – Debbi Griffin
06_Who You Lookin' At


1st Bridge Landscape – John Pike

1_Bridge Landscape

2nd Waterbus – John Pike
1st That 80’s Feeling – Eddie Deponeo
14_that 80s feeling
2nd Protecting my Thoughts 2 – Mark O’Grady (Mark OGrady)
15_Protecting my Thoughts 2
3rd Tortoise shell – Ian Coombs
13_Tortoise shell
HC Protecting my Thoughts 1 – Mark O’Grady (Mark OGrady)
06_Protecting my Thoughts 1
HC Pier at Sun Down – Alison Davies
18_Pier at Sun Down
1st Lady of the Lake – Mark O’Grady (Mark OGrady)
6_Lady of the Lake
2nd The Rat Catcher – Ian Coombs
7_The Rat Catcher
3rd – Life at the Top – John Morgan
HC Flame Red – Mark O’Grady (Mark OGrady)
2_Flame Red
With the best being judged salon standard and with the overall standard being good a very successful evening all round.
Elsewhere in the news:
In  a Farage-loving moment the EU is to slap an annual fee on high end cameras. it says here , but the clue is to be found at the top of the page, check it out before marching on Brussels.
Ian G.

Round 3 Open Competition

Ding, ding, round three (of the Open Competition).  Me? I am more of a crossword boxer –  enter the ring vertical and leave horizontal. I enter the open competition rounds on the same basis and there were some great images on show, again, in this round. To everyone who made it happen, entrants, committee and judge thank you, it was an enjoyable evening. The rest of us? Well the more images the better, so why not give it a go? We lose nothing and  gain insight from others with considerable experience.  Novice? So am I. True it might not go as well as we hoped but then it might go better. Given a half way decent judge we get some valuable feedback. Go and try what they say, see if improves it for you. In the words of Mrs Doyle, “Ah, go on. Go on. Go on, go on, go on”.

Going on, a fine evening we had of it.  The numbers of prints was quite low this time round, indeed if the club were looking for a motto it could do worse than the words of the Cilla “Norra Lorra Prints” – from the ancient Liverpudlian, well Cilla’s way older than me and I am no spring chicken. What there were showed sound photographic skills, were varied, well executed and interesting.  Judge Peter Kessler pronounced himself quite a fan of black and white and they showed better this time round than last, or indeed in the battle with BPS, in both print and projected categories I have summarised the judges comments with the images in a separate pdf file – I have had a few problems with Word Press and pictures . The file can be found here > 140206 Open Competition Round 3 edit.

We were also treated to a short presentation by Paul Kessler from his four trips to Thailand, and we thank him for that. Very informative and a whole extra biscuit at break next week for anyone who can give the full name, in Thai, of the city we call Bangkok!



Novice Print:
1st That’s high enough – John Pike,
2_that's high enough
2nd Killington Lake – John Pike.
1_Killington Lake
Experienced Print:
1st Zig Zag – Mark O’Grady (Mark OGrady),
7_Zig Zag
2nd The splendour of Autumn – Alison Davies,
6_The Splendour of Autumn
3rd Preening Time – John Morgan.
5_Preening time
Novice Digital:
1st Seeing double – Pauline Ewins,
2_seeing Double
2nd Chrysanthemum – Pauline Ewins,
3rd My stick – Rona Green,
4_MY stick
Highly Commended (HC) End of the road – Rona Green.
8_End of the road
Experienced Digital:
1st The stamp dealer – Steve Hallam,
2nd St Mongo’s Cathedral Glasgow – Steve Hallam,
3rd Geisha Girl – Eddie Deponeo
Commended (C) Dad – Eddie Deponeo,
(C) Landscape photographer – Alison Davies

20_Landscape Photographer

Congratulations to the winners and well done everyone for another interesting evening. Once again thanks to all who made this happen.



There will be a change to the running order from 20th February (Published Work) , please see separate post for details.

There will be a photomarathon on 2nd March 2014 – Ian C has details.

FLIKR (http://www.flickr.com/groups/reflexcc/) competition for February is up and running the theme is Transport and is for uploaded images taken in the month of February on the theme.

ROC R1 Results

ROC Round 1 Results

Here are the winning entries for Round 1 of the ROC (Reflex Open Competition). There were some fantastic images entered and the standard was amazing, as usual.  We’re trying out a new way of posting the images so please let me know what you think. To see them full size you just need to click on one and it will open larger. Then to show them as a slideshow simply click on the little triangle in the bottom left corner of the border that is around the image.

Results (names in red link to one of that persons websites) :


Digital Projected Novice

1st    Misty morning by Pauline Ewins
2nd   I ain’t afraid of no dog by Barrie Brown
3rd    Yellow Flowers  by  Rona Green


Novice Print

(at time of posting this stands. Although it may be altered later)

1st Proud to be Russian by Eddie Deponeo
2nd Young and Old by Eddie Deponeo


Digital Projected Image (advanced)

1st      Forest Girl by Angie Wallace
2nd      Hidden in your Shell  by  Mark OGrady
3rd      Time to Give up by Geoff Morgan
HC       Loch Carron by Steve Hallam
HC      Happy Meal by Alison Davies
HC      Masquerade by Ian Coombs


Prints (Advanced) Section

1st   Unearthed Beauty by Mark OGrady
2nd  Looking into you by Mark OGrady
3rd   Forlorn by Alison Davies
HC   The Old Fart by Julie Coombs
HC    Sunset Tide by Ian Coombs


Thanks to everyone that took part and I’m looking forward to seeing your entries for Round 2.

Reflex Open Competition Results

[scrollGallery id=15 start=5 autoScroll=true thumbsdown=true useCaptions=true]

Reflex Open Competition Results

The winners and runners up in the 2012/13 season of the Reflex Camera Club Open Competition. Congratulations to you all and a huge thank you to everyone that took part.

Novice Trophy

1st Suzanne King 65 points

2nd Maurice Thompson 39 points

3rd Julia Simone 37 points

Projected Image

1st Richard Price 37 points

2nd Mark OGrady 27 points

3rd Angie Nelson 25 points

Printed Image

1st Suzanne King 44 points

2nd Richard Price 38 points

3rd Angie Nelson 36 points

Photographer of the Year

1st Richard Price 75 points

2nd Suzanne King 65 points

3rd Angie Nelson 61 points

Best Digital Image (Stan Scantlebury Shield)

Alison Davies

Best Printed Image (John Hankin Shield)

Mark OGrady

The following Novices are promoted to the Advanced Section:

Suzanne King, Julia Simone, Wendy OBrien, Dan Ellis, Gary Horne, Maurice Thompson

Reflex Open Competition Round 4 Winners

[scrollGallery id=13 start=5 autoScroll=true thumbsdown=true useCaptions=false]

Thursday night we had the judging for the Reflex Open Competition Round 4, here are the winners;

Novice Print Section Winners

1st – John Pike with Faces

2nd – Dan Ellis with One London Bridge

3rd – Suzanne King with Rusty Flower

Highly Commended – Wendy OBrien with Purple Web

Commended – John Pike with A Winters Day

Commended – Maurice Thompson with Hadley Hall

Regular Print Section Winners

1st Richard Price with Swanage Pier

2nd Mark OGrady with Blackened Light

3rd Angie Nelson with Red Eyed Tree Frog

Highly Commended – Roger Gowan with Gnarly Old Wood

Commended – Alison Davies with Dying Beauty

Commended – Mark OGrady – The Repose

Novice Digital Projected Image Winners

1st – Julia Simone with Giving it My Best

2nd – Barrie Brown with Lonesome Jug

3rd – Dan Ellis with Cover Her Face Mine Eyes Dazzle

Highly Commended – Julia Simone with Enjoying the Beach

Commended – Gary Horne with Rush Hour

Commended – Rona Green with Jasper

Regular Digital Projected Winners

1st – Richard Price with Cabot Circus

2nd – Angie Nelson with Dark dreams

3rd – Ian Coombs with Two’s Company

Highly Commended – Richard Price with Nash Rocks

Commended – Mark OGrady with Day of the Dead

Commended – Alison Davies with Observation Point