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Image of the Year Results

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Thursday we had the results of our John Hankin & Stan Scantlebury Shields. Which are for Best Printed and Best Digital Projected Image of the Year. We kind of sprang a bit of a surprise on everyone when they realised that we had put the Novice and Advanced images in together. After all there can only be one best Digital or Printed image of the year can’t there.


On behalf of the Committee I want to thank everyone that has taken part in the Reflex Open Competition this year. The standard of your images has been superb. I know it takes a lot of time & effort to take part in the ROC and we appreciate you all making the effort. It’s probably one of the most nerve wracking and difficult things to put something you have created in front of a room full of people and wait for someone you don’t know to tell you what they think of it. If you’ve been paying attention to what the judges have been saying (or at least most of them) then you will realise that they have been pretty constructive in their comments. So if you didn’t take part this year I hope that looking at the images and seeing just what is needed has inspired you to enter next time.

The Judge

Pete Weaver was our judge for the evening and decided to judge them cold on the night which was a brave move that many judges would not even contemplate. He started off with the Printed Images and it soon became clear that the pile of images he liked and wanted to award placings to was going to be a lot larger than the ones he didn’t like. After the Prints he worked his way through the Digital projected and he picked quite a few to receive Highly Commended spots.

The Results

John Hankin Shield

(Best Printed Image of the Year)

1st: Forever Autumn by Mark OGrady

2nd: Up the Hill, Down the Hole by Alison Davies

3rd: Blackened Light by Mark OGrady

Highly Commended: Tranquillity by Alison Davies

Highly Commended: Tulip after Spring Rain by Suzanne King

Highly Commended: Alpine Butterfly by Suzanne King

Stan Scantlebury Shield

(Best Digital Projected Image of the Year)

1st: Utterly Drenched by Alison Davies

2nd: Dungeness by Steve Hallam

=3rd: There Bee a little pollinator by Suzanne King

=3rd: Reflex by Mark OGrady

Highly Commended: Severn Sunset by Roy Williams

Highly Commended; Reflection by Gary Horne

Highly Commended: The Watcher by Ian Coombs

Highly Commended: Lonesome Jug by Barrie Brown

Highly Commended: Marching Pylons by Dan Ellis

Highly Commended: Summer Stroll by Roy Williams

Highly Commended: Multiplicity by Gary Horne

That’s the Reflex Open Competition finished for the 2012/13 Season. But who has won? You will have to come to the Prize Giving on the 30th May to find out.