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Showing Off Again

Showing Off Again

Reflex Camera Club Southmead Hospital Exhibition 2014

Reflex Camera Club Exhibition at Southmead Hospital

No the title isn’t about Myk. It’s the title of our brand new exhibition at Southmead Hospital, Bristol.

On Wednesday myself and Myk drove out to Southmead to deliver the clubs framed prints. We were told to head to the delivery bay which nearly resulted in us paying an impromptu visit to the Maternity Unit but just in time we realised that Delivery Suite means a totally different thing at a Hospital! However we did manage to find the right spot and amazingly even managed to get a parking space right outside. If you’ve been to Southmead Hospital recently you’ll know exactly how difficult that is as their new car park isn’t open yet.

Up they go

Once we had the images inside we unwrapped them and the team from the Hospital laid them out and hung them up on the wall. Below you can see some images we took of them being hung and the finished look. The new location is in the main atrium and is very prominent. Anyone walking through that part of the Hospital has to go right past them. So they should be looked at by Hundreds if not Thousands of people each week.

If you want to go take a look then just head on over and walk in.  Richard Price’s Poppy Image was chosen to star on the leaflets they are printing to advertise the Exhibition and its going to run until sometime in January (we haven’t been given an exact end date yet).

So head on over and take a look at our members wonderful images!



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4th September 2014 – 2x5x10 Night


And we’re back with a bang! In this week’s meeting, we were met by a shiny new venue, in St Anne’s Junior’s new school, but of course, this came with a price. Due to the brand new floor, a scandal has broken out, the teas and coffees had to be forcibly removed from our eye line and made to sit outside and wait for us! This weeks meeting was quite spectacular, in the fact that we had a huge turn out, including some new faces, and several members contributed to the evening, ticking in at 10 contributors, all different images from each other, lots of variety, and that’s what we like to see! Everyone that had brought in images each in turn had the chance to stand and talk about their images, give advice, and answer questions on their images. This proved to be a very productive first night and hopefully there will be more to come, well done to all that organized and contributed!


Next week (11th September) is presentation night. This is where all of you that went on a mini group present your work from that night and show off your new skills/knowledge/pretty pictures for everyone to see!

A few notices:

Facebook Group

As well as having a Facebook page, we now have a closed group set up! this means that you will have to request to join it if you have not already, and you can share your images in that group if you so wish, as that is what it is there for!


We have been offered the pleasure to once again have an exhibition at Southmead Hospital, entitled: “Showing Off Again”. If you would like any of your images placed into the exhibition, here are the requirements:

  • The images must be at a 4×3 ratio
  • Images can be submitted via Dropbox
  • The price per image is £4, this covers the printing cost, which will be 16×12, and the mount. However, if your image does not sell, you will have your mounted image returned to you without a frame, as this will be returned to the club.

The hospital will sell the images at £50, and take a 20% commission(£10), and the club will recieve £10 in order to replace frames, and of course you stand to recieve £30!

Farm Shoot (5th October)

We have been invited to attend a Photography Day on a Somerset Farm. The Whitegates Equine Rescue Centre is situated at Whitegates Farm at Lympsham, just south of Weston Super Mare. They have various animals, including Highland Cows, Turkeys, Reptiles, Cats & Dogs and around 45 horses and donkeys. The date is Sunday 5th October. There is no charge for this event. The centre survives purely on donations. Can I therefore suggest that everyone attending donates at least £5. I will get a list of members who want to attend and tick them off as paid once I receive their donation. I can then hand over the money as a lump sum donation from the club. You would also need to bring your own food and drinks. You may also invite family and friends who are willing to make a donation. The address is: Whitegates Equine Rescue Whitegates Farm, Stevens Lane, Lympsham. Somerset. BS24 0BY.


Halloween Light Painting (1st November)

Light Painting Halloween themed session at Staple Hill Railway Tunnel on Saturday 1st November from 7pm onwards. Free Car Park at BS15 4XW. Bring a torch.


Until next time,

Megan G

Our Exhibition Starts Today

A photograph of one wall of the Reflex Camera Club Exhibition at the Create Centre taken by Michelle Dixon with a Fisheye lens

Exhibition Fisheye by Michelle Dixon

We’re making History!

Today Reflex Camera Club’s first ever exhibition opens to the public! I bet the majority of the members that submitted images never thought that they would see their own work hung on a wall for everyone to see.

Re:Create exhibition poster by Myk Garton for Reflex Camera Club

Re:Create exhibition poster


The theme of the exhibition is Recycle:Reuse:ReCreate simply because that is what the Create Centre is all about. It proved to be a difficult subject to take a photograph of for quite a few people but, I’m pleased to say,  most of those who said they would take part managed to submit an image.If you would like to go and see it the Create Centre (map) is located at

Smeaton Road
Spike Island

The exhibition features images from 28 of the clubs members and runs from October 15th up until 21st December. The Create Centre is open weekdays from 08:30 to 17:00

There are comment books so you can write in to leave your thoughts on the exhibition for us to read after it’s all over.