Minutes to the Annual General Meeting 18th June 2015.

COMMITTEE Maurice Thompson – Chair
Myk Garton – Deputy Chair, Steve Hallam – Treasurer, Ruth Doyle -Secretary,
Dan Ellis – Programme Secretary, Andro Andrejevic- Membership Secretary,
Mark Stone – Media Secretary, Mark O’Grady – Competition Secretary.
Members 20.
Maurice Thompson opened the meeting and welcomed members to the first AGM in the new
premises. He thanked the serving members of the committee for their work this year. Special
thanks extended to Myk for the Southmead exhibition, to Alison for her work arranging the
Backwell Battle, to Ian Gearing for his brilliant Blogs ( with help from Megan ) and to Joe Roy and Alex for their weekly catering.
He announced that Mark Stone and Dan Ellis would be stepping down from the committee and thanked them for all their efforts.
Steve Hallam gave the treasurers report which can be seen in full on request. Overall the
attendance numbers and membership are much the same as last year but the increase in fees for the hall has meant an overall loss this year of £199.33.
Steve proposed an increase in membership fees by £10 which would mean £40 per year and £30 concessions . This was second by Ruth Doyle and passed unanimously by the membership.
A facility to pay by Standing Order in 2 instalments will be put in place for September.
Dan Ellis thanked Gerry John and Alison for their help in developing this years programme. He explained that a big effort had been made to cover all interests and abilities.
The programme will be published in a booklet ready for the new season in September .
He thanked all club members who have shared their talents with us during the year and
encouraged more members to participate in the programme by arranging days out in the future.
Mark Stone gave an overview on the media coverage. The Facebook page is very well used and is linked to our twitter feed .The website is popular, having had 516 visits this month alone. Hits on the website come from all over the world and have been responsible for many of our new members. The programme page is the most visited.
Mark took the opportunity to thank Richard and Kevin for their help and advice on setting up and running the site. Sadly due to work commitments Mark is standing down from this role but will still support his successor whenever possible.
Mark O’Grady gave his report on this years competitions. The full report is available on request but in summary the decision to drop the Novice section seems to have worked well.

Members who would have been termed novice have scored well against those members termed advance and feedback from judges has been that the standard of the club is high and they do not feel that any entries were of novice standard.
Next year’s competitions will continue to allow 3 entries for each section from each member and more were encouraged to enter prints,(in which there is a higher chance of winning )

CHAIRMAN – Maurice Thompson – proposed by Mark O’Grady – seconded by Mark Stone
Dep Chair – Myk Garton – “ Julia Simone – “ Gerry Painter
Secretary – Ruth Doyle – “ Pauline Ewins – “ Roger Gowen
Comp. Sec. – Mark O’Grady – “ Alison Davies – “ Geoff Morgan
Prog. Sec. – Gerry Painter – “ John Pike – “ Roy Williams
Memb.Sec. – Andro Andrejevic – “ Mark Stone – “ Ian Coombs
Media Sec – Chris Harvey – “ Ruth Doyle – “ Ian Gearing
Treasurer – Steve Hallem – “ Eddie House – “ Rona Snook
All nominated were voted in unanimously by the membership and now form the committee for the 2015 /16 season.
A.O.B. John Pike suggested that the club printer had hardly been used and perhaps should be
sold. Steve Hallam said it had very little second hand value and that if it could be brought back into use to print this years booklets it would be worth the money spent on it.
Meeting closed 2120.