On wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony and photography – 2015 Photo Marathon Results.

10 topics all to be presented sequentially and only four hours to get it all in. A huge club thanks to Julie and Ian Coombs for organising this again, a great way to spend an afternoon, a challenge to your observation and demand on your photographic skills. The results, by category, were decided by member popular acclamation and are as follows:


Category : Your Entry Number. Winner was number 6 by  Darren James

Yur Entry Number_Darren

Category : Out of Place. Winner was Myk Garton

Out of Place_Myk

Category : Time. Winner was Myk Garton


Category : Hand Made. Winner was Ian Gearing

Hand Made_Ian G

Category : Movement. Winner was  Ian Coombs

Movement_Ian C

Category : Connected. Winner was Darren James


Category : The Seven Deadly Sins winner was Steve Hallam (Lust)*


Category : Up in the Air. Winner was Kevin Spiers

Up in the air_Kevin

Category : Retail Therapy. Winner was Mikie James

Retail Therapy_Mikie

Category : Song Title  &  Overall best of the best was – Ian Coombs with Life on Mars.

Song Title_Ian C

* This category was more of “The pick of a bad bunch” than a theologically dodgy serving suggestion and the club dissassociates itself from any explaining you have to do.