16th April 2015 – To Arms!

Success! Reflex triumphed – admittedly our first in a time anyhow – in the inter club battle with Backwell. It was close all the way through and our excellent hosts with Reflex taking the Mono (174 to 180)  and Colour Print (182:185) rounds and Backwell the Digital Projection (184:181). Final score Backwell 540 Reflex 546.

Mono Prints Backwell  Reflex
1 Black Mountain Filly Reflex 19
2 Country Cottage Backwell 18
3 Burger Grill Reflex 17
4 The Shard Reflex 18
5 The 15:10 to Hasselfelde Backwell 17
6 Misty Morn Backwell 20
7 Look at That Backwell 17
8 I’m in the Pub Reflex 20
9 The Stamp Dealer Reflex 17
10 Taking a Moment Backwell 18
11 Vicar’s Close, Wells Reflex 18
12 Stonehenge Backwell 16
13 Innocent Look Backwell 17
14 The Sign of Aries Reflex 16
15 Cycling over the Bridge Backwell 18
16 Millenium Square Backwell 16
17 Talons Reflex 18
18 Approaching Storm Backwell 17
19 British Summer Time Reflex 18
20 Forever Autumn Reflex 19
Backwell  Reflex
Monochrome Print Result 174  180
Colour Prints
21 Steam Power Backwell 18
22 Leap of Faith Backwell 18
23 I Wish I Was Out There Reflex 18
24 Nice Catch Backwell 20
25 Black Swan Reflex 20
26 Morris Reflex 18
27 Dancer and Guitarrista Backwell 18
28 Lunch is Served Reflex 18
29 Angelic Ava Reflex 20
30 Barn Reflex 18
31 Man from Trinidad Backwell 18
32 Me and My Fella Backwell 20
33 Cold Comfort Farm Backwell 18
34 Lady of the Lake Reflex 20
35 Ashton Star Hill Reflex 18
36 Shopfront Backwell 18
37 Waterfall Backwell 17
38 Kingfisher Reflex 17
39 Colourful Curves Backwell 17
40 Unearthed Beauty Reflex 18
Backwell  Reflex
Colour Prints 182  185
Running Total 356  365
41 That 80’s Feeling Reflex 19
42 Behind the Curtain Backwell 18
43 Rotting Knowledge Reflex 17
44 Wild Female Kestrel with Prey Backwell 20
45 Priddy Tree Reflex 18
46 Tintern Sunrise Reflex 18
47 Longing Backwell 18
48 Ponies Backwell 20
49 Geisha Girl Reflex 18
50 Selfie Takers Backwell 17
51 Beach Football Reflex 17
52 Amber Glare Reflex 20
53 The Long Goodbye Reflex 18
54 Slow Dancer Backwell 18
55 Flower Painting Backwell 18
56 Happy Meal Reflex 18
57 Jay Backwell 18
58 Southwolds Seagulls Backwell 18
59 Glacial Ice Sunset Reflex 18
60 Pensive Backwell 19
Backwell  Reflex
DPI’s Total 184  181
Grand Total 540  546

The standard was high, individual marks ranged between 16 and 20 with no less than 10 images rated at 20 out of 20 and a further 4 at 19 out of 20. The modal average score was 18, with just over half the images scoring thus and the remaining 25% 16 (3 images) and 17 (12 images).  The distribution of marks between the clubs was pretty even as the table below shows:

Marks Backwell  Reflex
16 2 1
17 7 5
18 15 16
19 1 3
20 5 5
Total Entries 30 30


Peter Weaver, our judge for the evening and our thanks to him for a sterling job on first sight of the entries, judged our last season’s battle with Bristol PS and of the two prints in common both were marked consistently (within 1 mark) so I think it valid to draw some conclusions about the development of the club in the intervening 15 months.  In the Bristol battle the marks awarded for Reflex ranged between 14 and 17 with the majority at 15/16 (75% of the marks awarded). This time round, with a 50% larger entry, the majority of the images, 53%, were scored 18, that is higher than the top marks we scored 15 months ago. All in all 70% of the images entered scored higher than we did in competition, with the same judge, 15 months ago. OK the numbers are too small to be definitive statistically but trends are clear.


What might that be? There has been an improvement in the competitive quality of the entries that the club is putting out AND most importantly, we are not talking about the same few members increasing their competition output. We are seeing a mixture of established (pre BPS battle) and new (Post BPS battle) members putting their work forward and we are seeing an across the board improvement. If it is happening for some then I am pretty sure that it is happening across the board, whether you enter your images in competitions or not (and why not? You get free feedback from very experienced people specific to you). This, I would surmise, is down to the strength and variety of the programme and the fact that there is always someone willing to help out with questions on club nights or through its social media outlets. Maybe, and possibly counter-intuitively, it is down to the fact that we are not really a competition oriented club, that is to say we have four rounds plus a creative round and we do two club battles a year. Some clubs think nothing of having monthly competitions (OK we do have the club Flickr competition but that is pretty low key, awarded by popular acclimation and the voting is open now on April’s competition, so get voting!).


That is not the same as saying competition is a bad thing, what it does say is that the right sort of competition for the club you are in is the one where it develops its members abilities, curiosities, and, for Reflex, a willingness to share all that. Deliver that on the back of  a strong programme and you might get the odd visit from the Goddess Nike.



23rd April: Your Picture Your Way (Portraiture and Macro). Following the inaugural, and I thought successful, YPYW, we repeat the exercise with, you’ve guessed it, Portraiture and Macro. Mr Gerry Painter explains here >>>Your Picture Your Way.