14th August 2014 – Mini Adventures

Greetings all! This week we split up into small groups and set off on our quests to venture where our group leaders pleased.

14th August 2014 RUTH DOYLE (mini group)

Group 1 quest for trains had brought them to the land that is known as Bitton Railway, Ruth Doyle reports back on her group,

Well what can I say? 14 intrepid photographers arrived at Bitton Railway Station. It was closed, and there were no trains running but that didn’t put us off . We took loads of pictures between sheltering from the rain and a great time was had by all- results will astound you“.

However, there have been rumours of a certain images of someone’s behind that should not make their presence known, for they have been banished from this land by the order of the secretary, or they will rue the day they ever made an appearance.

14th August 2014 MEGAN GEARING (Dan's Group)

Group 2, which featured two brave souls, one being the leader, Daniel Ellis, who ventured into the midlands of this land that is known to locals as Town Centre, where they trekked the old city wall of Bristol, only to find that the wall had been demolished and replaced with a copious amount of pubs, bars, and clubs, all filled with teenagers celebrating their A Level results. During their trek, they had stumbled across 1 particular memorable individual in an alley way, who instead of trying to steal our cameras, greeted us with the poetry of life. Then after a quick pit stop, decided to make one last adventure out and play with light trails.

Group 3, however, unfortunately did not make it to their destination and chose to retreat and regroup with Group 6 for safety in numbers, due to the catastrophic attack from the weather.

14th August 2014 MYK GARTON (Marks Group)

Group 4 were marched on further out away from base by Mark Stone to enjoy the delights of another city, or so they thought, until they were met with a strange event, Myk reports back:

“Mark and myself left Bristol at 6:45pm for the 18 mile drive down the A37 and A39 to the smallest city in England… Wells. Arriving at around 7:30pm our first port of call was the famous (and much photographed) Vicar’s Close, followed by (even more photographed) west front of Wells Cathedral, where we met up with Richard Price. Many photos were taken of the cathedral as well as the cathedral’s resident ginger cat. We wandered around the Bishop’s Palace and managed a few sunset shots before the rain clouds moved in and soaked the cobbled stones in Vicar’s Close giving up some great reflections before we headed for home at around 10pm. On the way back to Bristol we stopped at Priddy Pool on Mendip and did a few long exposures in the pitch black wilderness. However, whilst Mark went back to the car, he missed the best event of the night. ALIENS!!!”

14th August 2014 ANDRO ANDREJEVIC (Hanekke's Group)

Group 5 was lead valiantly by Hanneke, who quite rightly ran her session from her house, in the dry, Andro gives us the down-low of this groups shenanigans:

“There were various tools at our disposal from Water to vases, and bowls. We all started off with projects working with water, smoke oils and dye to make Photo Art. We all came away with our various takes on our photos. Louise has some great images of Darren and smoke induced bubbles which I am sure you will see from the photo she will share at the club. I tried my hand at photographing fruit splashes alongside Gerry, and achieved my very first photo of a successful fruit (Strawberry) Splash. Hanneke was a perfect hostess for the evening and we thank her for a successful night.”

14th August 2014 ALISON DAVIES (John Pike's Group)

Lastly, Group 6 lead by John Pike explored the grounds of Temple Meads Station, John reports back:

“Our group of 8 went to Temple Meads Station having gained permission from Network Rail beforehand. We were allowed to go wherever we wanted but were not allowed to use Flash on the platforms. This made us use other ways to get our photos in the low light available. Hopefully we all got some good shots and you will see them when we have the planned night later on.”


Images from these mini groups will be presented on 11th September, mark it in your diary and/or start editing!

Next week we are meeting in Clifton at the Victoria Rooms for 19:30! This will be a photo walk Be there or, well, miss out!

That’s all for today folks!

Until next time, peace out

Megan G (magicalzombiecat)

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that helped contribute to make this post possible, thank you for your co-ordination!

Images courtesy of Alison Davies, Andro Andrejevic, Myk Garton, Ruth Doyle and myself.