20th March 2014 – Photo-Marathon Judging

Competition is good for us, we are told, and certainly it helps us improve, whether we enter to win, to participate or to get feedback – or all three in turn depending on whether we won or not – it takes two parties, those who organise, and a very big club thank you to Julie and Ian for that and those who enter. The hugely enjoyable photo-marathon was judged by members last Thursday night and the results by popular acclamation follow.   Quick re-hash for those of you who couldn’t participate: The competition was split into 10 categories, a single photograph for each from each competitor in strict order handed in by the deadline on the Sunday.  The categories were:

  1. Your Entry Number.
  2. Parallel.
  3. Full Circle.
  4. Exit.
  5. Black & White.
  6. Old School.
  7. Drama.
  8. Secret.
  9. Lost.
  10. Super-Powers.

The votes were then cast by everyone at the club on the evening –  a good thirty five of us at least – in each of the categories and the images were only identified by number. The votes were counted at the tea break and the winners were:


Unfortunately the image gallery isn’t working at the moment – I will post the images later when the function returns. 

The results are —-

01 Your Entry No: – Mark Stone.
02 Parallel – Hanneke ter Veen.
03 Full Circle – Myk Garton.
04 Exit – Hanneke ter Veen.
05 Black & White – Hanneke ter Veen.
06 Old School – Wendy OBrien.
07 Drama – Hanneke ter Veen.
08 Secret – Ruth Doyle.
09 Lost – Kevin Spiers and overall winner.
10 Super-Powers – Julie Coombs.
Congratulations to everyone, even if most of you appear to be Hanneke (jealous, moi?), who now takes her rightful place alongside Vincent van Gogh, Fanny Blankers-Koen and Hertz van Rental . I agree with Maurice, once you started looking at everyone else’s entry your own start looking not so good and I didn’t see a duff entry among them (OK there were ten, but I had a good day out anyway).
PLEASE NOTE: Entrants, your entries have been returned to your club Drop Box folder. The prints will be available if you want them at the next club meeting on 27th March.
And in the News: Something for the Get-it-right-in-the-camera-firsters and a mixed blessing, I am sure, for  Ye-Acolytes-of-Photoshop. Olympus have registered a patent, as reported in What Digital Camera (March 17th) that could enable variable exposure times within the same, single, image. Whereas the article appears to assume some sort of manual painting of over exposed areas (and that may well be an item available on cameras eventually as a manual option, a sop for those who feel the need to fiddle with absolutely every variable?) I suspect that will be automated by the time it comes to market. Given the gradual impact of the camera-phone and now the phone-camera on the compact market I think it a reasonable bet that the first non-Olympus applications of it would be in the mobile phone sector, as a high end big-pixel-count phone (pluses and minuses for sure) that does everything a happy snapper could wish for.  Still there are things that you might want to find out about the camera you have got now before diving into the future.
Myk Garton is organising a night walk from Temple Meads on March 29th 7:00 pm (19:00) meet at the Station Entrance, bring your tripods. And your cameras …
NEXT CLUB MEETING – editing the images from the trick photography night – bring your lap tops (and images!)