Round 3 Open Competition

Ding, ding, round three (of the Open Competition).  Me? I am more of a crossword boxer –  enter the ring vertical and leave horizontal. I enter the open competition rounds on the same basis and there were some great images on show, again, in this round. To everyone who made it happen, entrants, committee and judge thank you, it was an enjoyable evening. The rest of us? Well the more images the better, so why not give it a go? We lose nothing and  gain insight from others with considerable experience.  Novice? So am I. True it might not go as well as we hoped but then it might go better. Given a half way decent judge we get some valuable feedback. Go and try what they say, see if improves it for you. In the words of Mrs Doyle, “Ah, go on. Go on. Go on, go on, go on”.

Going on, a fine evening we had of it.  The numbers of prints was quite low this time round, indeed if the club were looking for a motto it could do worse than the words of the Cilla “Norra Lorra Prints” – from the ancient Liverpudlian, well Cilla’s way older than me and I am no spring chicken. What there were showed sound photographic skills, were varied, well executed and interesting.  Judge Peter Kessler pronounced himself quite a fan of black and white and they showed better this time round than last, or indeed in the battle with BPS, in both print and projected categories I have summarised the judges comments with the images in a separate pdf file – I have had a few problems with Word Press and pictures . The file can be found here > 140206 Open Competition Round 3 edit.

We were also treated to a short presentation by Paul Kessler from his four trips to Thailand, and we thank him for that. Very informative and a whole extra biscuit at break next week for anyone who can give the full name, in Thai, of the city we call Bangkok!



Novice Print:
1st That’s high enough – John Pike,
2_that's high enough
2nd Killington Lake – John Pike.
1_Killington Lake
Experienced Print:
1st Zig Zag – Mark O’Grady (Mark OGrady),
7_Zig Zag
2nd The splendour of Autumn – Alison Davies,
6_The Splendour of Autumn
3rd Preening Time – John Morgan.
5_Preening time
Novice Digital:
1st Seeing double – Pauline Ewins,
2_seeing Double
2nd Chrysanthemum – Pauline Ewins,
3rd My stick – Rona Green,
4_MY stick
Highly Commended (HC) End of the road – Rona Green.
8_End of the road
Experienced Digital:
1st The stamp dealer – Steve Hallam,
2nd St Mongo’s Cathedral Glasgow – Steve Hallam,
3rd Geisha Girl – Eddie Deponeo
Commended (C) Dad – Eddie Deponeo,
(C) Landscape photographer – Alison Davies

20_Landscape Photographer

Congratulations to the winners and well done everyone for another interesting evening. Once again thanks to all who made this happen.



There will be a change to the running order from 20th February (Published Work) , please see separate post for details.

There will be a photomarathon on 2nd March 2014 – Ian C has details.

FLIKR ( competition for February is up and running the theme is Transport and is for uploaded images taken in the month of February on the theme.

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  1. Myk Garton

    Just a slight correction to the above results. Eddie Deponeo came 3rd in the Advanced Digital section with Geisha Girl and was also Highly Commended for Dad.