Reflex CC v Bristol Photographic Society 23rd January 2014

Well to mistreat the work of Alfred Lord Tennyson abysmally it was: “Canons to the left of them, Nikons to the right, onwards, onwards rode the brave [less than] Six Hundred” or, as Maurice put it: “At least we didn’t come third”. It was an evening of high class club photography, with several of the entries declared of salon standard by Peter Weaver, our judge for the event. The final score was Reflex CC 331 v 366 Bristol Photographic Society, so a decent showing in a very high scoring competition. The difference between the scores was only 10% of our total against one of the top competition rated clubs in the area. To give you some idea an overall mark of 83% (Ours) at University would earn you a first class honours, BPS scored 91% of the available marks so I feel justified in calling the event first class. Many thanks are owed to those whose images were shown and more yet to those members who made this event possible.

Some general observations and none of them is a criticism of the judging. Firstly the black and white images didn’t seem to go down so well. The nature shots were all highly regarded. Ballet dancers in technically very strong images of unnatural poses (as opposed to practices, thankfully) and pictures with horses in did particularly well, scoring the highest marks of the evening. Unfortunately those tended to be BPS entries. Maybe Maurice will do next week’s Chair’s Evening in a tutu? On a horse? In chaps? Come along and find out.

Even the intervention of the projector, which valiantly tried to even up the scores by showing some of the entries slightly out of focus, forcing them to be marked down, didn’t help – largely because the ones that were slightly out of focus were Reflex entries. Judge Weaver, however, was up to this and re-marked after break and a quick shufti at the images on the lap top screen.

The top seven of the images of the night were all BPS entries, one, “At the ballet”, scored a perfect 20 where the action frozen in the moment, simple use of lighting, and the positioning within the frame [the crop] were all deemed excellent. Six scored 19 (a summary of Judges comments I have included in brackets): “Jackal Pair Scavenging” (Strong, imaginative with good technical balance of light and colour); “The Omen” (Strong and imaginative composition); “Early Snow on Wyoming Range” (Good use of bright autumn colours against the white covering of the snow); “Going for the Basket” (Great expectation of the player scoring, excellent contact with the players eye through the basket – sports subject on basketball); “White Tailed & Stellars Eagle with Fish” (Top notch nature photography); “Working Together” (Shape and lighting in clever combination).

It is a further indicator of the strength of the images on show that 51% of the entries were marked at 18 or above. Reflex’s top images were: “Durdle Door” – Kevin Spears – (Often photographed but usually from the beach, this from the headland matches excellent timing with composition); “The Resting Place” – Angie Nelson – (Charming and strongly composed picture of a frog resting on a leaf) and “Reflecting on a Perfect Autumn Day” – Mark O’Grady – (Strong use of contrasting colours). A further eight Reflex entries were marked at 17: “At the Top” – John Morgan; “Forest Girl” – Angie Nelson; “Unearthed Beauty” – Mark O’Grady; “Wish I was out there” – Geoff Morgan; “Cabot Circus” -Rich Price; “Hidden in your shell” – Mark O’Grady; “Sunset Tide” – Eddie House; and “Spellbound” – Angie Nelson.

A full list of the marks appears below and my thanks to Julie Coombs for forwarding this so quickly. Once again, it was an excellent evening and thanks goes to all those who put so much effort in to making it happen. Reflex made a strong showing and I am pretty sure that this and the camera battle at Bleadon just before Xmas, give us plenty to build on.

Ian G.


1 BPS Memories 01 18
2 Reflex At the top John Morgan 17
3 BPS Wet Cold Snow 02 18
4 Reflex Barn Kevin Spiers 16
5 BPS Royal Terns Displaying 03 18
6 Reflex Black Ice Rich Price 16
7 BPS Who’s Ball 04 18
8 Reflex Forest Girl Angie Nelson 17
9 BPS An Alien Romance 08 18
10 Reflex Natures Skeleton Simon Caplan 16
11 BPS Jackal pair scavenging 05 19
12 Reflex Shopping for Dummies Ian Coombs 15
13 BPS The Omen 01 19
14 Reflex Sitting on the Dock of the bay Mark Stone 16
15 BPS Snow goose landing 05 18
16 Reflex Unearthed Beauty Mark O’Grady 17
17 BPS Early Snow On Wyoming Range 02 19
18 Reflex Water Rail Rich Johnson 16
19 BPS At the Ballet 08 20
20 Reflex Well Sprung Eddie House 14
21 BPS Fly on Woolly Bear 06 18
22 Reflex Wish I was out there Geoff Morgan 17
23 BPS White tailed & Stellars sea eagle with fish 05 19
24 Reflex Cabot Circus Rich Price 17
25 BPS Going for the Basket 08 19
26 Reflex Durdle Door Kevin Spiers 18
27 BPS Working Together 02 19
28 Reflex Hidden In Your Shell Mark O’Grady 17
29 BPS One Eye on the Ball 04 16
30 Reflex Kingfisher Rich Johnson 16
31 BPS Final Charge 01 20
32 Reflex The Resting Place Angie Nelson 18
33 BPS Incoming tide 05 17
34 Reflex Braveheart Ian Coombs 16
35 BPS Shady Dealer 06 18
36 Reflex Reflecting on a perfect autumn day Mark O’Grady 18
37 BPS Becky 03 18
38 Reflex Sunset Tide Eddie House 17
39 BPS Ballet dancers 07 17
40 Reflex Spellbound Angie Nelson 17
TOTALS BPS 366    RCC 331