Website & Blog Posts

Website & Blog Posts

You may have noticed that a few weeks ago the website went down for a while. When it reappeared it had a few problems which have now mainly been resolved but one still remains and will take a while to fix. That one problem is that all the old Blog posts that used to have images associated with them (Reflex Open Competition results & other competitions) no longer have those images available.


Well unfortunately the site decided to go into meltdown and the back up solution I had in place seems to have a small but significant flaw in the way it worked. It backed up the site all the posts and all the images to the clubs Dropbox folder. Unfortunately it did not save which images were associated with each post nor did it save the contents of slide shows that were embedded into certain posts. Now it would seem a simple thing to put the photo’s back into each post & slide show. Well the site currently has over 800 images and I have to manually go through each post and find each image that should be in that post. It’s going to take a while and to be honest isn’t high on the priority list at the moment. Finding a properly working back up solution that doesn’t cost anything, or has a very low cost, and is easy to deploy is the first order of business.


Now for some good news. We have a new “Editor” for the Blog, Ian Gearing has volunteered to help run the Blog and you should start to see posts from him very soon. We would still love to hear from any club members that would like to write articles or features for the Blog regularly. So if you’d like to become an Author for the Club’s Blog get in touch. It’s easy and all you really need to remember is that its a place to post info on club activities or information that the club’s members would be interested in and not somewhere to advertise your own or your friends business.