Club Battle

On Tuesday the 10th December we are off to visit Bleadon Camera Club to take part in a Club Battle against Bleadon, Clevedon and Backwell Camera Clubs! A club battle is quite simple really instead of hitting each other over the heads with tripods we get an impartial judge in to look at images and they choose the winners. At the end the club with the most points wins. Of course the judge has to make a speedy exit out the back door to their getaway car to avoid the losing clubs. But most of them seem to be able to manage the quick sprint out to the car park pretty well and I’ve not heard of one getting caught yet!

There are 3 categories for this battle and they are, Colour Prints, Monochrome Prints and Digital Projected Images. All in all it should be a great night and I’m h0ping to post some pictures from the night on this blog soon after the event.