This Years Meetings

New season’s programme of Meetings

The new season is about to start and here at Reflex we’re excited to announce the fantastic Programme of Meetings for the 2013/14 season. You can take a look at our programme by going here.

The first meeting

On September 5th we have the first meeting of the new season and we need you, our brilliant club members, to submit ten images that showcase what you’ve been doing photographically over the last couple of months. You can either submit them via Dropbox, email them in using the clubs usual email address or bring them in on a memory stick. To remain fair to everyone please only submit 10 images. If you submit more than 10 only the first ten will be shown. You can choose to talk about the images or not. It’s totally up to you.

New Rules for the ROC

There are some new rules for the Reflex Open Competition this year. The main difference between this and last is the naming of files. From now on you will need to know your membership number to enter competitions. The files will be named 01_title_Membership Number.jpg & 02_title_membership number.jpg. Now I can hear you all saying that you don’t have a membership number but be patient. We are waiting for the new Membership cards to be delivered and once they are here we will hand them out to fully paid up members and they will have your membership number on them. The full changes to the rules can be found on this page  of the website