Notice of Emergency General Meeting

We are calling an Emergency General Meeting for Thursday 15th August. This will replace the start of that nights meeting. Once the EGM has been concluded we will, time permitting, continue with the planned content for that evening.

Why its being called

As you all know Kevin was due to stand down at the next AGM. Unfortunately he can no longer continue as club Chairman and will be standing down at the Emergency General Meeting. The meeting is being called to receive nominations and vote someone into that role.

Joe Scudamore is also retiring from his role as Club Secretary and we will be taking nominations for that role as well. Joe’s reasons for stepping down are quite simple. He doesn’t own a computer and has no access to the internet and nearly all of the duties the club secretary needs to handle involve those two things. So we will be asking for nominations & taking a vote on those nominations to fill this role.


Nominations will be accepted on the night of the EGM or you can put yourself forward or Nominate another fully paid up member for the position via email.


Please note:

  • if a current Committee member is voted into one of these vacant positions then their current role on the Committee will be filled via nominations & voting at this EGM.
  • a job description for the role of Club Secretary will be released soon.
  • Please do not put yourself forward if you are not willing or are unable to spend the time these roles require.
  • Only fully paid up members in good standing are eligible for these roles

Thank you

During Kev’s tenure as Chairman we have gone from a small club with just 15 members to having over 80 registered members! This has been achieved during a time when camera club membership has been declining nationally. So on behalf of the Committee I’d like to thank Kevin & Joe for all the time & effort they have put into the club and there’s no doubt in my mind that if it wasn’t for the work they have done we wouldn’t be the club we are today.