Website Slideshow

You may have noticed lately that the slideshow that was on the front page of the website is no more. It’s been driving me crazy and throwing up problems for a while now and I finally had enough of trying to sort it out. So I have come up with a simple solution!

Now you have the chance!

The solution is really quite simple. The site can generate a simple Slideshow itself instead of relying on plug ins that cause problems. So all I need is the images to create that slideshow. That’s where  you come in! Rather than me picking an image to go into it I want YOU to go through your photographs and pick out 1 image that says this is my style, this is an image I’m proud of. Pick one that screams out how you want to be seen as a photographer. Be it a landscape, portrait or still life. Grab it and email it into me at the usual club address.

The boring bit

If you would like to be a part of this then you need to pick 1 of your images (yes just 1 for now) and either email (Please put “Slideshow” as the subject of the email) or Dropbox it to me. There are a couple of conditions for this though.

  • I will have the final decision as to the suitability of an image. No discussion will be entered into. If I think it’s not suitable I won’t use it.
  • They have to be Family Friendly. Artistic or implied nudity may be considered but it will depend on the image.
  • No offensive content. Use your common sense I know most of you have some.
  • The image has to be “Landscape” format and 800 pixels wide with a maximum height of 600 pixels.
  • Please don’t fill empty space around the image with black. If you really must try to get around the size restrictions please use white as the fill colour.
  • Send them as JPG’s Medium quality (or about 55% on the slider when you save them)
  • Maximum Filesize should be no more than 1MB. This is a restriction on our website and all the images on our website are less than that size.

You can have your name or website on the print if you want but I WILL be having a title & your name show up when your picture appears so please save the images with a file name in the same way as you would save them for our competitions. If you don’t supply me with a title for the image it will be shown on the site as “untitled” followed by your name.

It may be possible to have your image link to either your website or your Flickr/Facebook pages (This part isn’t guaranteed and depends on how easy it is to implement as part of the slideshow). So if you want that and I can get it working you will also need to have supplied me with a link.