Constitution Changes & Last Years AGM Minutes


First off the Committee would like to thank everyone that took the time to come along to the AGM and contribute their opinions to the running of the club.

New Committee Members

We had a few new appointments to the Committee to vote on and the first of those was Andro Andrejevic, he was voted into the new post of Membership Secretary. We also announced a change to the way we fill the post of Programme Secretary, at least for the next year as a “trial run”. Instead of just having 1 person responsible for organising our programme we are going to have a team of people headed up, until she steps down at the next AGM, by Hanneke. That team will also include, Kineta Hill, Dan Ellis and Myk Garton. Finally we also had the post of Vice Chair to fill and for that there were two candidates, Mark OGrady & Maurice Thompson. We sent both of them out of the room & after a show of hands Maurice Thompson was voted into the post.

Constitution Changes

The changes to the Clubs Constitution are now live on the website. You can also find the minutes to LAST years AGM. Yeah I know, but I can only put up what I actually have. Soon as I have this years minutes I will put them up. The previous years minutes can be found in the History – Past Meetings section of the website.

You might have noticed

You might have noticed something different happening with the Blog. Whenever a members name is mentioned it is now automatically changed into a link to their Flickr Account, if they have one. If you would like your name to link to your website instead please drop me an email and don’t forget to include the URL to your site. If you notice that your name is not being changed into a link and you think it should be let me know and I’ll get it sorted for you.