Luis Bustamante Review

Luis Bustamante Review

Thursday 28th March, Luis Bustamante visited Reflex Camera Club, as a Guest Speaker. Mr Bustamante very kindly showed club members, 90 images from his recent trip to Chile titled ‘Blighted Land’.

His imagery is based around topographic photography, which is impressionistic, with an emphasis on ruins as a visual remainder of history.  He also spoke about how natural economic and social forces shape the urban environment, such as, earthquakes, tsunamis and eruptions which leave scars on the landscape.

The image’s which we saw, made you think about the Insecurity, improvisation, dereliction and de-socialisation of Chile, something that has effected Chile greatly over the years.  It also makes you realise that we take things for granted on a day to day basis.

I have selected 8 images, which for me are not only my favourites, but the one’s that speak the loudest in-regards Chile as country.

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In some respects the struggles that Chile have faced are no different to our own in the UK, with the likes of industries, being sold off or closed down, under Thatcher, or the current regeneration of several parts of Bristol, but one thing remains the same – a sense of community.

Mr Bustamante has several books for sale on his Blurb page, these are:

Confluence 1974-1979



They knew better