Photo Marathon

Decision Time!

This Thursday is going to be great! Why? You mean you don’t know! You’ve forgotten about the Photo Marathon!!

A cold Sunday Morning

OK let me take you back a few weeks to a very cold Sunday morning at the Bandstand in Castle Park. Where quite a few club members met up to complete a Photo Marathon. Ian & Julie spent quite a while organising it and we had a good turn out. They set 10 categories for us to create images for and we had to get them in the correct order. So off we set at 10am in the bitter cold to take the picture for the very first subject, our name. We had up until 3pm to capture the 10 images. Seems like a long time but when your wandering around scrabbling for idea’s the time flies by.

Pick the winners from the Photo Marathon

But I digress, I’m supposed to be telling you why you should come along to this weeks meeting. Well that’s simple. All of the images from the Photo Marathon have been printed & mounted onto large sheets of card. They will be put out around the meeting room and you will have the opportunity to walk around looking at them and choosing your top 3 images from each category. The totals will be added up and winners announced.

So make sure you come along as its going to be a good night. Oh I nearly forgot. There will be prizes for the winners. But I do have to warn you that Ian chose them!