Workflow? Whats that then?

A photograph entitled the enchanted wood by John Morgan for the Reflex Camera Club Blog post meeting called a Photograph is Born. Which is all about Workflow

Get to grips with your workflow

For our first meeting of 2013 (January 3rd)  we are going to take you through the life of an image. From conception to the finished product. You may of heard the word “Workflow” banded around in meetings or on websites. Well workflow is the name given to the way you organise how you work through taking, editing and publishing your images. If you want a more detailed description you can go here and read all about it. But you need to be aware that workflow will vary from person to person and what works for you may not work for someone else.

Now I could weave a wonderful story to entice you to come to the meeting and how it would enrich your lives. How your photography would dramatically improve just by attending. Trouble is I’ve lost my note book and can’t even tell you who is going to have the honour of taking you through all this. So if it’s supposed to be me then it could be an amazing seat of the pants photography extravaganza as I desperately try to think of something.

The image is The enchanted wood by John Morgan. (for some reason since WordPress was updated I can’t seem to get image titles showing correctly)

If you know more than I seem to about who is running this meeting or have seen my notebook leave a message in the comments!!


  1. Reflex Camera Club

    Since posting this I’ve been sent the following, which fills in the blanks.

    If my Xmas pickled brain remembers correctly. Mark Ogrady will shoot a model and process the image and Rich Price with do either macro or star stacking shoots and process. I think it will be a great night with lots of chair moving.


  2. R.Price

    Yep its Mark O Grady with a model shoot for the first half and me with focus and star trail stacking in the second half.