Website Update

Our website now has a download page!

At Reflex we don’t sit back & relax if there are things we could be doing to make the lives of our members easier. To that end we’ve added a Download section to our website. You can find it by selecting the “Information” tab in the Navigation Menu and moving down to the Download section. So far we have the export preset for Lightroom and a couple of very useful actions for Photoshop. We’ve also managed to write a simple, easy to follow set of instructions for each file so you won’t be stuck wondering just what it is your supposed to do with them.

Members Info Page

Our members info page has also had a small update with the addition of a link & instructions on how to set up the Printer Profiles for Keynsham Photographic.

What else?

If you can think of something that should be on the website (not just for the download page) then please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.