Chairmans Evening

Photograph of 3 mini cars driving through the Alps to illustrate the Chairmans Night at Reflex Camera Club

Photograph by Kevin Spiers

Our Chairman is going to show it all!

Once a year our Chairman gets the chance to have a whole evening dedicated to absolutely anything photographic he wants. Whilst Kev has been Chair we’ve had a guest speaker and a near disaster when Dropbox decided to only sync 20 out of the 220 images he wanted to show but this year he’s chosen to do what is probably one of the hardest things anyone can do. He’s going to let you all see the Demons of his past and show how his photography has changed over the years. Yes thats right your going to get to see how he’s changed his style, from when he started out up to the present day. Hence the use of that image up there at the top of this post. It’s one of the very first photographs he uploaded to Flickr. So come along to this weeks meeting and see the difference in his style and skill.

See Kev I managed to write the whole thing without joking about your skills at all. I hope you appreciate just how hard that was!