Reflex Open Competition Round 2 Winners

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Thursday we had the results of Round 2 of the Reflex Open Competition. Looking through the entries as I collated them I could see that the quality of the submissions was superb and yet again you all proved that you can take amazing photographs. The winners we’re well deserved, even the advanced print winner that only won due to an excess of armpit and too much shoulder in the runners up! You had to be there, sorry.

So here is the list of the winners starting with the Novice Digital Entries (yes the judge did get a bit carried away with the Highly Commended awards).

Novice Digital Projected Image Section

1st Place: Marching Pylons by Dan Ellis

2nd Place: Lunch Time by Michelle Dixon

3rd Place: Summer’s Rain by Julia Simone

Highly Commended: Lily Stack by Darren James

Highly Commended: Thai Boxer by Julia Simone

Highly Commended: Cold Call by Wendy Goodchild

Highly Commended: Just Look up by Christ Mclean

Highly Commended: The Approach by Dan Ellis

Highly Commended: Autumn Years, Autumn Colours by Darren James

Highly Commended: There Bee a little pollinator by Suzanne King

Advanced Digital Projected Section Winners

1st Place: Burger Grill by Mark Stone

2nd Place: Burnham Hailstorm by Myk Garton

3rd Place: Paragliding past a telescope by Geoff Morgan

Highly Commended: Champers by Roger Gowan

Highly Commended: Noir by Angi Nelson

Highly Commended:Flying Start by Julie Coombs

Highly Commended:Mist on the levels by Ian Coombs

Highly Commended: Zombie Girl by Myk Garton

Highly Commended:Magic in the air by Angi Nelson

Highly Commended: M. C. Esher Stairs by Julie Coombs

Highly Commended: Fish for tea by Richard Johnson

Novice Print Section

1st Place: Alien Structures by Suzanne King

2nd Place: Harley by Maurice Thompson

3rd Place: Curved Roof by John Pike

Highly Commended: Sea shell spiral by Suzanne King

Highly Commended:Remember by Julia Simone

Advanced Print Section

1st Place: I’ll cover you by Richard Price

2nd Place: Annabel by Angi Nelson

3rd Place: Talons by Mark O’Grady

Highly Commended: Charlotte by Roger Gowan

Highly Commended: I’d rather it was a bottle of Gin by Geoff Morgan

Highly Commended: The wayfarer by John Morgan

If your winning entry is NOT in the slide show it means you failed to supply a Digital copy of your Print entry and as such you will not gain any points in this round.