Christmas Party

We’re having a Christmas Party!

If you’ve been paying attention to the announcements at the start of each meeting then you’ll know we are having a Christmas Party this year. I’m not going to stick the details up on here for the whole world to see because that would only end up in a mess that someone, probably me, would have to clean up. The party is going to be instead of our usual meeting on the 20th of December. So don’t go turning up at the school because we won’t be there.


If your a club member you should of received an invite in your email (well it’s actually a short questionnaire). We’ve done it this way so that we can gauge how many people  are planning to come and join in the fun. If you haven’t had the email from us then get in touch in the usual way and I’ll sack the person who crossed you off the list. If you would like to bring your partner, friend, family then that’s fine just let us know how many of you there will be by filling in that part of the questionnaire.

So please tick the relevant boxes and hit the submit button at the bottom of the email to let us know if your coming or not.

We are going to supply food, Steve’s let us buy 3 packets of twiglets and some Mini Cheddars, but if you want to have a drink you will have to supply it as there is no bar at the venue and we are not allowed to sell alcohol or any drinks at all. It starts at 1930hrs and runs until we kick Ian out at 2200hrs. So basically it’s just like attending a normal club meeting only we’re going to feed you and let you bring booze.

We’ve had Joe working on all the details and he assures us there are enough chairs for everyone to join in “Musical Chairs” and that he’s got a big enough piece of cardboard to draw the donkey on for “pin the tail on the Donkey” so it should be a fantastic night.

Put it in your Diary 20th December from 1930hrs at …. ahh you thought I was going to tell everyone didn’t you!


Shh Don’t tell anyone but I’ve added this bit on the bottom to give you a link to the website of where we are having the party. It has a map, address & everything you’ll need to find the venue. If you want even more up to the minute information & news about the party you can find it on our Forum or Flickr Group

See you at the party.