Tripping the Light Fantastic


An image from Reflex Camera Clubs Light Painting evening entitled In Motion by Mark Stone

In Motion by Mark Stone

Disco Inferno

It was like something from the 70’s at Reflex’s Light Painting evening on Thursday with LED’s, Flash guns, & torches all lighting up the room. We just needed the Bee Gee’s playing in the background and we’d have had Rich dancing around in Flared Trousers with his shirt ripped open impersonating John Travolta.


A photograph taken on Reflex Camera Clubs Light Painting evening entitled Light Horns by Andro Andrejevic

Light Horns by Andro Andrejevic

I think I can honestly say that despite being forced inside due to the weather every single person thoroughly enjoyed themselves and came away with images they were happy with. Even Hanneke took some pictures despite trying to loan out her tripod! Talking of Hanneke she actually beat everyone else and put her images up on Flickr First. Talk about a shock to the system! Next she’ll be turning up on time to meetings…….

Our thanks go to Kevin Spiers & Rich Price for doing most of the Light Painting, Myk Garton for helping out and the Mad Professor & his faithful assistant Igor for their help.


  1. Gary Horne

    Is Kevin able to inform us how to purchase the “rice lights” on a roll and the aerial connectors. Possibly opening a folder in the Forum, “How to ….” Thanks


    • Reflex Camera Club

      Hi Gary, I’ll email him and ask him to write up a quick follow up & put it on the forum. Thanks for reminding me about getting him to do this as it’s something I’d like to have done after all of our practical, demo & tutorial nights.