Light Painting

Light painting photograph of a wire wool spin entitled Turn up the Night by Mark Stone

Turn up the Night by Mark Stone

Full of bright sparks

This Thursday we’re going to give you the chance to have a go at some light painting just in time for Bonfire Night. But before I go into details I need to advise you of something. As well as LED’s we may be using Sparklers and wire wool. These two things get very hot. You need to be aware that there is the very slight chance that you may receive a small burn. It really is only a very slight chance and unless you’re going to do something stupid you will be perfectly safe.

What do I need to bring?

A Light Painting photograph entitled al4 by Ian Coombs

al4 by Ian Coombs

You will need to bring your camera (make sure the batteries are charged), a tripod if you have one (there will be some spare’s available to borrow). You will need to wear warm clothing as if the weather is good we will be using the park over the road. There will also be some indoor light painting for those that do not want to go outside. Also please don’t forget if we go outside you’ll need suitable footwear as the grass in the park will probably be wet.


You need to take a look at your camera manual or search on the internet to find out how to either switch your camera to ‘bulb’ mode or set your shutter to a 30 second exposure. This is really important, if you don’t take the time to find this bit of information out there is a chance you won’t get any decent images and as we have over 50 people taking part we simply won’t have time to figure it out for you if you haven’t done it.

More examples?

If you want more examples of Light Painting as done by members of Reflex Camera Club then follow this link which will show you some of the superb images our members have created using this style of photography.