Reflex Open Competition Results Night

This Thursday is the night some of you have been looking forward to whilst others have been dreading! This is the night when we all get to hear what an independent judge has to say about our photographs!

It’s time for the results of the Reflex Open Competition Round 1.

For many of you it’s the first time you’ve ever entered a competition like this and that means it’s the first time you’ll actually have to sit there and listen to what someone thinks of your image.

Here’s my advice for when your picture pops up on the screen or the judge puts your print into the spotlight. Listen to what the judge says. If it’s constructive and you think what they are saying is valid then go away and think about the comments & try to incorporate them into how you take your pictures. However, and I really do mean this , never ever get upset by what the judge says. Never let it put you off of photography and even more importantly never take a picture because you think it would make a judge happy. Keep taking pictures because you want to, take them of subjects you like. A few weeks ago we had a guest speaker and what he said is true. Go out, take pictures. You’ll only improve if you practice. But more importantly take pictures for yourself. Take pictures that you like. Because when it comes down to it, it’s your photograph and the only person it has to please is you. Unless of course you’re getting paid to take them for a reason, then you do whatever it takes to get the client to like them.

If you entered a print and or digital image make sure you’re there to hear what’s being said. Most judges give good constructive criticism. Listen to them. If what they say makes sense then thats fantastic. If you think they are talking a load of crap, ignore them. It’s up to you. Either way, come along and see all of the excellent photographs that we’re entered.