What a Night!

A busy week

Last night was our first guest speaker of the new season and the final date for submissions to Round 1 of the Reflex Open Competition (ROC) and what a night it was! The run up to this weeks meeting has seen lots of phone calls, emails and even a blog post about using Dropbox, resizing and how to name images. It’s been quite hectic and we had a committee meeting to get through as well. So a big week for the club. But you’re not interested in that are you! You just want to know what the meeting was like.

The Fitness Workout

No one turned up in lycra which I was pretty pleased about as the thought of Kevin in tight fitting spandex made me feel quite ill. But Jeff’s photography fitness workout was a huge success! If you didn’t attend you missed an absolutely fantastic talk and some amazing photography! Jeff Morgan put on a brilliant show of images and gave us all some great ideas for techniques to help us improve our photography from the way we look at things to how we take the picture. Absolutely brilliant. I think a club member summed it up to me perfectly when they told me that the talk Jeff gave was the kind of talk that people go to Camera Clubs to hear. He didn’t tell us about his fantastic holiday in Outer Mongolia that cost thousands of £’s. He didn’t tell us that we needed to buy expensive lenses or camera’s. What he told us was to go out and take photographs, Practice, Try new things but just get out there with your camera & shoot and he did it in a way that was fun & punctuated with great photographs. If you want to see Jeff’s images or take a look at the courses he runs or the talks he gives to Clubs like Reflex head on over to his website ElmStudio

Competition Entries

At the end of last season our final round of the Print section in the Reflex Open Competition saw us with a massive 3 prints entered. There was serious concern that the days of our print competition were coming to an end. So you can imagine our surprise that last night we had over FORTY prints entered! Plus we have around 80 Digital Projected Entries! We may just give the judge a heart attack when they see the size of the task ahead of them. I’d like to thank everyone who entered Round 1 and let you all know that we really do appreciate the effort you put into entering the competitions we run. We know that it can be daunting if you’ve never entered your photography in anything before but the effort really is worth it. Also its a good step along the round to you presenting a whole evening of your work at the club one night! Oh sorry didn’t mean to worry you.

Anyway I’ve waffled on long enough and I just want to finish of by saying how pleased and honoured we are that you all choose to spend your Thursday nights with us. And we’ll see you all next Thursday.

Almost forgot, there was only 1 disappointment in the whole night and that was I forgot to take my camera to get pictures for the Blog!