Useful Competition & Dropbox tips

A few useful things to remember

Since last weeks meeting I’ve had lots of phone calls and nearly as many emails concerning Dropbox and Round 1 of the Reflex Open Competition. So I thought I would write a short post to answer the questions that have been asked. This isn’t being done to pick on 1 particular person it’s to try and help those of you that haven’t quite grasped a few of the details but didn’t really feel comfortable asking about them. So here goes.

If you are due to pay your subs and have not done so then you will not be able to enter any of the clubs competitions. We will NOT make any exceptions to this rule. If you haven’t paid your images will not be accepted. There will be no discussion about it. It’s a rule that we will stick to. It’s not fair to the people who have paid on time if we accept images from those that still haven’t paid their subs. If your not sure when your club membership is due for renewal, ask Steve. If you don’t know what he looks like, here he is.

Final Entry Date

This Thursday is the FINAL entry date for Round 1 of the Reflex Open Competition.  That means you have until the end of the meeting on Thursday to hand over your print entries and your digital entries. Please don’t forget that unless you have a very good reason, when you hand in your PRINT entries you also have to hand in a DIGITAL version of the image. This is so that if your print gets placed we have a digital version that we can use on the BLOG. It also means we can keep a record of your images submitted to competitions. We want that record for various reasons, inter club competitions and adding to the club history are two of them. Now might be a good time to remind you that by entering a picture into our club competitions you agree to them being used to promote the club on the website, blog or in national competitions. If you really don’t want us to use your image in any of those ways please let us know and we’ll respect your wishes. But we really would like to be able to use them.


Your PRINT versions need to fit on a piece of mount board that is a maximum size of 50 x 40 cm. YOU have to have it printed and mounted to hand in on Thursday. We will not do it for you. If you are unable to mount it properly (ie using a cutter etc) you can stick it to the front of the mount card with glue ( I strongly suggest you use Photo Mounting Spray. If you use a ‘wet’ glue such as pva there is a strong chance your image will crease and bend as the glue dries making it useless for anything other than compost.

Digital copies of your Print Entries

Your digital version of your print must (unless there is a very good reason) be handed in at the same time as your print. Some people have been a bit worried about naming their print versions so we have decided to do it like this. Instead of starting with a number sequence you should replace that sequence with the word PRINT. so instead of

01_best print ever_Your Name

you should use

PRINT_best print ever_Your Name

we are not going to be really strict over it this time as its being introduced a few days before the competition. So please don’t panic and worry that your entry won’t be accepted because of that. This applies to the digital version of your PRINT entry ONLY.


For some reason some people seem to think they can’t rename their files once they are in their Dropbox. You Can! Just right click on the file and choose rename exactly the same as you would if it was in any other folder on your computer.

To send your images in via dropbox you need to have installed their software (go here if you haven’t downloaded it yet) and sent an email into the club ( telling me that you have downloaded it and the email address you used to sign up for it. Then you will be sent an invitation to a shared folder. Once you accept that invitation you will have a folder INSIDE your dropbox folder called ‘REFLEX ENTRIES your name’. Just put the files in there to send them to the club. Thats it, really simple and easy.

If you do have any more questions about the ROC (I am just too lazy to keep typing Reflex  Open Competition So get used to that abbreviation), Dropbox or anything to do with the club please get in touch. We honestly don’t mind answering your questions. Everyone has to learn how to do this and we’d rather explain it 100 times so you got it right than have to tell you that your image couldn’t be entered.