Guest Speaker: Jeff Morgan

Photograph of the Forth Rail Bridge by Jeff Morgan

Forth Rail Bridge by Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan presents a Total Fitness Workout

I’d be willing to bet you never thought you would be going to a camera club meeting expecting a total fitness workout! Well Thursday 4th October you need to bring your trainers because it’s a fun filled exercise extravaganza. Well ok maybe not. Jeff’ ‘s talk has exercises, procedures, tips and ideas for you to have fun and improve your photography

Wheat Field by Jeff Morgan

Wheat Field by Jeff Morgan

Feel like your stuck in a rut with your photography? Would you like to get some ideas about how to improve your image-making skills? Jeff will give you some exercises that you can practice to expand your creativity and strengthen your repertoire of skills. Learn some techniques and procedures that will enable you to quickly improve your pictures and communicate with more visual impact.

This presentation will cover two sets of exercises: the first one is designed to help you increase your compositional and aesthetic skills, and the second one will cover the technical controls you should incorporate into your artistic vision.

Come and energize your creative side!

Jeff runs  Elm Studio Logo  and regularly holds courses for individual & groups of photographers.